Yesterday I wrote about my personal challenge 2012, a ten kilometres race. I believe that adequate equipment is important if you are serious about sport, and here are the components that improved my training and race experiences.

First, I love Asics running shoes. Those are my second pair, and they are just perfect for me and my feet! As I have had this pair for a while and have now done a whole training programme and ran a race with them, I will probably need to replace these trainers in the not too distant future, but I already know that I will go for Asics again. I have tried and tested – in the shop – lots of other brands, but none were as cushy and light while still giving me the necessary support as Asics.

Next is my fantastic Buff versatile scarf, the first half of this year’s Valentine present from Sexy Hubby. I adore it. I simply pulled it in front of my mouth when it was still cold, and it helped my breathing tremendously. I have since been using it as a scarf, it has kept my throat warm without me feeling overheated, absorbing the perspiration as I ran along.I have already bought a second one, and I am sure more will follow. Oh, and I cannot wait for the summer to use the different headwear styles too!










Last but not least is the second half of my Valentine’s present, these cool Adidas sunglasses. Not only do they look great, but they are also a perfect fit for the shape of my head and face, as well as practically weightless and offering brilliant wind protection. I love the fact that they are not too dark but really do filter the sunrays to a level totally comfortable, an important factor as I have sensitive eyes. Without a doubt the best pair of sport sunglasses I ever had.

2 thoughts on “With A Little Help… From My Accessories”

  1. Are you doing this race for the right reasons….or just to look fab in trendy gear? ;-))

    My hubby loves Asics: he buys special ones for volleyball, which is his ‘thing’ despite being a bit too old and creaky for all that leaping about.

    1. For the right reasons, of course, but it does not hurt to wear trendy equipment, does it? 😉
      As for your hubby – a man of taste, if I may say – you are never too old for what you enjoy! 😉

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