Yes, I am back already, this is quite addictive!

So why did I decide to write random thoughts? The answer has two parts:

– Firstly, because I love writing! From school essays and countless diaries – my favourite as a child being the kind you could lock, and later on a bright pink metal box in which to keep my precious reflections that I still have today! – to modern technology such as emails, texts or Twitter, I cannot stop.  I am known for my “War & Peace” emails and my texts cost me a fortune as I cannot bear to use today’s equivalent of shorthand…

– Secondly, because a while ago I started sending random thoughts emails to Sexy Hubby with ten or so snippets of my day, as we spend so much time apart this is a nice way to keep ourselves in each other’s lives, and since he enjoys them so much I thought that you might too! It can be anything, a question from Second Daughter, something I found funny, a situation that left me completely baffled or a quick rant!

Now that all the background and explaining is done, the next post will truly be a random thought!!

PS: the photos illustrating this post were taken in White Sands – New Mexico, the perfect place for random thoughts… Magical and utterly beautiful!