When I saw the Gallery theme for this week, I thought: “That is easy, I know exactly what photos I am going to use!”. I then realised that I had already inserted most of them in my “Happy? You Bet!” post… So I looked again, and had no trouble finding plenty more showing these so important little details that keep love alive…

  • A welcome gift for the girls and I from Sexy Hubby.
  • He gave me a snow heart, I gave him a sand heart…
  • I love the way even our pillows snuggle up together.
  • Tailor made chocolate for that very special person in your life!
  • Jewellery supply and a dream catcher to protect me in my dreams.
  • A special Valentine’s Day breakfast…
  • Lovely looking cappuccinos!
  • I am blowing you a kiss…
  • And finally, drinking champagne in Las Vegas straight after our wedding!


0 thoughts on “What Is Love About? The Little Details…”

  1. Superb photos – what a happy lady you must be!
    And did I spot some Kinder eggs there, next to the roses? My son’s favourite even though he’s old enough now for it to be a guilty pleasure.

    1. Thanks for the compliment! Yes, I am very happy, but if you have read the very first post on this blog you will know it was not always like this. I am therefore very grateful for the wonderful turn my life has taken. Oh, and you are totally right, those are Kinder eggs!! 😉

  2. Ahh how cute these photos are. And what lovely memories. I have similar things like a shell that my husband picked up off a beach in California and brought back for me. X