It is unusual for me to rant on this blog. You may have read the posts about my favourite car brand or the sanity of the chicken man, but they are far and few between. Today, however, I have to write another one. Because sometimes, the repeated lack of courtesy and consideration to others is just too annoying.

Back in February I signed up with a new sport club. I love it. It is beautifully designed and all the staff members are competent and friendly. The variety of courses on offer is impressive and luckily includes my favourites such as Tae Bo and Pilates. The pool is not huge but big enough to swim in and you can choose from many different aqua classes. The weight training and cardio area is equipped with the latest machines. There is also a physical therapy centre – which would have come in handy last year when I broke my arm! – a beauty salon, sun beds, a café and various seminars and events are regularly organised. Finally, the wellness floor is heavenly, with several different saunas, steam baths, another pool, the most comfortable loungers and a huge terrace very popular in the summer.

Not the poshest or most exclusive gym, but one of high standard. You would therefore think that courtesy from the members would be part of the deal, right? Not really. In the shower area, there is a long built-in table in front of mirrors with two basins. A few steps away toilets can be found with another basin and paper towels. How difficult is it to grab a paper towel once you have rinsed your bathing suit, or washed you hands, or brushed your hair and just wipe the basin and surrounding surface? Apparently, too difficult:
Lack of courtesy and consideration
Every single time that I want to put my wash bag down and use the products in it without getting the lot soaked, I have to do it myself. The same applies in the changing area where wet swimming costumes are being dropped down on benches. I know, compared to some of the terrible things going on in the world, this is nothing. But still. I try very hard to teach my children manners and I find it disheartening that adults cannot be bothered to set an example.

8 thoughts on “What Happened To Courtesy?”

  1. OMG you are so right- I absolutely hate that. I use a walking stick so when I have a carry bag too it’s a bit difficult to do it all without putting one down!! Each time I put my bag down it gets soaked- YUK- manner’s do not cost anything- like you say how difficult could it be to wipe it with a paper towel- they are not actually being charged for them lol 🙂

  2. Not easy to learn good manners to children when adults don’t show the example ! And the life is so easier when every body makes efforts !

  3. Oh dear…. although perhaps the gym should be supplying towels etc by the sinks as well – that would make sense instead of having to go back wards and forwards for paper towels from the toilets? But still, people should wipe up behind them as well X.

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