• We visited lovely boutiques and impressive wineries.
  • We went to the town market and made the obligatory pause at Sexy Hubby’s favourite café-bar.
  • We walked up to Notre-Dame des Auzils. This beautiful chapel is dedicated to the sailors of the region and contains several ex-votos (painting or object symbolizing a wish made) in the form of boat models or paintings. Unfortunately, a lot of the pictures were stolen in the late sixties, and as a replacement the same images were painted directly on the wall as a trompe-l’oeil . The legend says that construction started much lower on the mountainside, but that every time noticeable progress had been made the builders would find their work destroyed in the morning, with the statue on the Virgin Mary placed on the actual location of the chapel. In the end, they decided to erect it where it had been shown to them and the building was completed in 1635.
  • Notre Dame des Auzils is also built on a cavern, that nowadays is the home of bats. As you can imagine, we respected the instructions written on a sign next to it and left them undisturbed.
  • One cannot help but feel moved on the path up to the chapel, as it is the home of the local maritime cemetery. A lot lives ended at a very young age, and in same cases a poor woman lost more than just one man in her family. The cemetery comprises twenty-six cenotaphs, as the bodies were of course never recovered.
  • Halfway up to Notre Dame des Auzils is a curious little stone house. We learned that until 1888 a hermit used to live here. Several men over the years dedicated their lives to helping travellers, and later on to care for the chapel. The site is still looked after and consists of a peaceful garden, a well and a seat carved in a tree trunk. Sexy Hubby solemnly declared that this would be the perfect job for him, so Second Daughter and I renamed him Herman… (for those of you who did not get it, as in Herman’s Hermits, the sixties British band. I concede that it is rather lame, but we thought it was very funny at the time).
  • We went to the port one night to discover which new flavours were on offer at the fabulous ice cream stand. Not only did we come across this cute float of ducks, but we were also fortunate enough to be entertained by DJ David, the official DJ of the South-East Férias…
  • We tasted the local sparkling wine for the first time, and were very impressed with it.
  • On a not so sunny day we had a little drive around and came across this rather forlorn looking barge and… the statue of Liberty!
  • Finally, we spotted three horses in a vineyard eating grapes. Well, that is what it looked like from where we were standing anyway!


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12 thoughts on “What Else Did We Do In The South Of France?”

  1. You forgot to mention that I am going to apply for the hermit role next year… 🙂 It’s my dream job!!! LOL!

  2. I love all the interesting details in this post, it’s just the sort of info that intrigues me about places. Some stunning photos too.

    So is he renamed Sexy Herman?

    1. LOL!! Sexy Herman… Why not? 😉 I love legends and quirky details a lot more than plain facts, so I always try to find out. Thanks for the compliment regarding the photos! 🙂 xx

        1. Absolument ! Nous ne nous serions jamais permis de les déranger (même si je suis sûre que ma fille aurait adoré les voir…).

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