On Saturday July 16th, more than 40’000 people– or was it 70’000, did not count but heard both versions! – gathered for the fourth and last “Circle Tour” German concert. An incredible show which lasted three hours and left me feeling so high that I was still there in my head the whole Sunday.

Sexy Hubby and I arrived at the location at about 15:00, an hour before the doors were due to open. Thousands of people were already waiting in the sun. There was a good atmosphere and as I love to observe people around me I did not find the wait uncomfortable. At 16:00 sharp the gates opened and people rushed in, only to have to stop again to get tickets and bags checked. People were running to get as close as possible to the stage, but as we had Golden Circle tickets we made our way in a more serene manner. As we got there I was thrilled to see how close to the stage we were going to be. I would also like to point out that we noticed stage workers next to us, wearing their work clothes and tool belts. I do not know if this is the norm with every band, but I thought that giving them access to the Golden Circle was a really nice gesture. We settled for more waiting as the first band was due to play at 17:45 and took turns getting drinks, food and as for me, I could not resist getting a souvenir T-Shirt.

The first band, Morning Boy, was from Frankfurt and delivered a good performance. We enjoyed the songs and remarked what a great feeling it must have been for them to play in front of that kind of public, something which must not happen every day – yet – to them. Vintage Trouble, coming from Los Angeles, then took the stage and were just excellent. Sexy Hubby and I made a note to get their “Bomb Shelter Sessions” CD and would love to see them in concert again one day.

Another short wait and then, finally, Bon Jovi appeared on stage just after 20:00.

Wow. The show started at an extraordinary pace with “Raise Your Hands”, “You Give Love A Bad Name”, “Born To Be My Baby” and “We Weren’t Born To Follow”. Jon had the crowd from the first minute and never let it go. They of course played all their hits, but also songs seldom heard these days such as “Radio Saved My Life Tonight”. There were also more intimate moments when first Jon got onto the part of the stage situated between the Diamond and the Golden Circles to sing “Bed Of Roses”. He was then joined by Richie for “I’ll Be There For You” and finally Tico and David for more “crazy stuff”, as Jon put it.

There was not much talking in between songs, as Jon explained that last time they had played here they had gone twenty minutes over the curfew and the result was that nobody else was allowed to perform for… eight years. Since he had “a lot of songs to play”, he just got on with it, to the fans’ delight! The band also added cover versions of “Start Me Up” and “Mercy”, a very enjoyable moment too. As the last notes of “Keep the Faith” ended, the band slowly left the stage. Of course, they came back.

Richie Sambora sang part of “Wanted Dead or Alive” and got huge cheers from the public. One of the encore songs was another cover, Leonard Cohen’s “Hallelujah”. What a powerful moment. I still shiver thinking about it. The last two songs were “Livin’ On A Prayer”, which of course got a fantastic reaction from the thousands of souls present, and “Love Is The Only Rule”.

Now you can call me a hopeless romantic – just like Jon – but as prompted by Bon Jovi’s frontman, I bet a lot of people left that night thinking that making decisions out of love and not out of a fear definitely is the only option.



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6 thoughts on “What A Show”

  1. Ah, sounds to me like you are still riding the wave of euphoria that BJ gave? Fantastic post. Their set looked amazing and you look fabulous, glad the weather played ball for you.
    Now what are we going to do for the rest of the summer? 🙂

    1. Yes, I am still totally riding that wave! 🙂 Thanks so much for your compliments on the post and my outfit. We have more nice moments planned for the summer, you will have to come back to read about them… 😉 Bon Jovi was definitely one of the highlights, though!

    1. After Mari’s compliments, here you are too, I am definitely blushing by now! Thank you! 🙂 It was all I hoped it would be, and more! Cannot wait for the next time… 😉

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