Last weekend Sexy Hubby and I spent two days in Cologne. I had an appointment with the orthopaedist the day before and was not happy when he said that I had to keep my cast for a few more days. Not the best accessory for a romantic trip! Fortunately, after an X-Ray, he decided that the cast could come off, as long as I promised to be careful. Promise I did, and we set off on Saturday morning, with me feeling considerably lighter!


The choice of going to Cologne came from the fact that we wanted a city in Germany with… a Hard Rock Café. We still had a coupon to be redeemed by the end of June, and as the chain is changing their loyalty programme soon, we also wanted to use up our points. There are four cafés in my adoptive country: Berlin, Munich, Hamburg and Cologne. Sexy Hubby knows all four towns, I have also yet to visit Munich, but Cologne appealed to me more.



I was not disappointed. I just loved the city, its energy, good vibes and interesting architecture. Yes, the Dome is very impressive, but as always I was more interested in the unusual details!



We stayed at the Art’otel by the Rhein, great location close to the old town, and perfect for an evening stroll by the water. The hotel itself we really liked, all raw concrete and cool paintings, but still very welcoming. I was quite taken with the lovely basin set in the bedroom and the painted glass wall separating the bathroom from the sleeping area.


The weather was not too brilliant when we arrived with light rain, but it was not cold and it did not stop us from enjoying our walk around the old town, with a stop in a traditional pub. The waiter could not hide his surprise that no, I did not want to drink a Kölsch, the traditional Cologne beer! We did enjoy our Hard Rock Café meal aftwards, burger for Sexy Hubby and fish and chips for me, and the cocktails that went with it.


To make things even more perfect, Jon Bon Jovi was a little bit with us that night…  😉


On Sunday morning, the sun was shining. After a late breakfast on a terrace and more walking around spotting interesting features, we decided to visit the Lindt Chocolate Museum. Fabulous! It spreads on four levels, and covers everything from cocoa beans growing and fair trade to chocolate production and vintage ads. There are plenty of interactive spots for children, and some tasting too. We have already decided that we will come back with the girls in the summer. After our visit, we settled on the beautiful museum café terrace by the river and had lunch. Sexy Hubby did enjoy his chilli con carne spiced with dark chocolate very much! It was then time for a visit to the awesome shop, what a dilemma to decide what to purchase…



On our way out, we took a closer look at… Noah’s Ark. This massive wooden vessel is in fact a floating exhibition, recounting not only Noah’s life, but other Bible stories too. It does seem well made, so we will visit this with the girls too.

Sadly it was then time to leave, but I am already looking forward to our next Cologne experience.


10 thoughts on “Weekend In Cologne”

  1. I love Cologne- spent a large part of my childhood near there. Sounds like you had a fabulous trip!

    1. I did! I could totally live there. Hope it brought back some childhood memories for you! 🙂

  2. So glad you had a fantastic time!! You really should try and visit Munich as well though – not that I’m biased 😉

    1. Yep, it was a lot of fun! I do want to visit Munich too, it was just that this time around, I felt like going to Cologne. 🙂

  3. I caught the chocolate Express from the Cathedral to the Chocolate museum many years ago when daughter was still quite small. We loved it. I didn’t see the ark though. I thought it was a lovely city.

    1. We may well do this when we go back with the girls. The ark is relatively new, and only staying in Cologne until September. Not sure where it will be travelling next! 🙂

    1. Happy you enjoyed the post! 🙂 Thanks for adding it to your Britmums round-up. xx

  4. No ! I didn’t see this one :S

    It’s a pleasure for me to see again Cologne. That’s right that’s a very kind place. And you’ve got nice weather, it’s better ^^

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