Last Saturday we welcomed the latest addition to our family… No, not a baby, but Second Daughter’s cute little rabbit!

Off we went all together in the afternoon, Second Daughter carrying the “Pet Shuttle”, padded with what we bought to make his little house warm and comfortable. We were all very excited and also a tad anxious to see how he would settle. We had visited twice prior to picking him up, and when the lady put him in Second Daughter’s arms he did not seem at all fazed. She gave us a bit of hay and food to mix with our own in order to make the scent familiar to him. The drive home was not long, about half an hour, which he spent hiding in the hay.

We had of course prepared everything for him before leaving and we let him get on we discovering his new surroundings. He very quickly looked at ease, jumping around, eating a bit and exploring. We were a bit concerned he might have trouble working out how to use the water bottle but our worries proved unnecessary. By the end of the day the clever little boy had figured out how to drink out of it.

 He already has his favourite little spot, where he snuggles up, sleeps and observes the world around him. We let Second Daughter take him out for cuddles but not for too long or too often. He has however already gone to sleep on her, which does not strike us as a sign of stressed rabbit. Yesterday he had his first piece of green celery, which he really enjoyed. Later on in the week he will get some carrot. Soon we will let him out on the terrace too.

 Every time Second Daughter sees him she is beaming, which makes us feel all warm and fuzzy. She had asked, on learning that her sister had decided to go back to Switzerland, if she could have an animal. I am very glad we said yes, as this is obviously helping her cope with her sister’s absence.

 Sexy Hubby and I are also melting when observing him and comment on everything he does. Two big kids indeed. He may also get a companion in the not too distant future as we received a double hutch instead of the single one we had ordered… Looks like fate to us!

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    1. Thought you might like him… 😉 When we picked this one up there was another baby one just born, black too. Perhaps our next one? 😉 Thanks for commenting. xx

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