If you are a regular reader of this blog you will know that our family enjoys walking. Second Daughter and I regularly go and look for fairies and other wonders in the forest, we have our favourite parks and at the weekend Sexy Hubby joins us. However I always had the sentiment that we should do this more and discover other places than our beloved haunts too. Well, we are about to get a lot more walks fitted into our lives.

A couple of weeks ago the three of us went to a friends’ party. My friend’s dog was there too, to Second Daughter’s delight. We had taken the Macbook and a couple of films for her but she regularly came back to the kitchen to spend time with the dog. My friend and I were having a chat, as well as a couple of tequila shots. And that is when Second Daughter asked me – yet again – whether we could have a dog too. And I said: “Yes, it is a very good idea”.


Now there is no need for you all to start to feel horrified that we would make such a decision on a whim, in a merry mood at a party. We are quite responsible people, and the dog subject we had already been discussing intensively for over a year. Sexy Hubby always wanted one and has experience, having taken care of his parents’ Airedale Terrier a lot. I had to stop myself getting one when Lovely Rabbit died last autumn, because I did not want to rush into it as a reaction to the sadness we all felt. We also did a lot of research about what breed would be best for our family as we live in a very nice penthouse flat with lots of space, but which is not a house all the same. The conclusion was that a beagle would be perfect.

The day after the party, inevitably Second Daughter’s first question at the breakfast table was: “What do we do about the dog, then?”. The discussion lasted a long time. I was quite adamant about what I was prepared to do or not and the fact that having a animal would be a team effort and not Mummy’s task only. Sexy Hubby said we should put everything in writing and all sign it. Second Daughter volunteered for the morning walk, “especially at the weekend since I am always the first one up”, and said she would write the contract (she did, then rolled it and tied it with a “packed with love” ribbon). Then we started looking at ads on-line.


Do you believe in signs? I do. So when the first ad we read told us that this beagle-dachshund puppy, who had started life by being found in a rubbish bag with his two sisters, was looking for a home we knew we had found our dog. This was further confirmed when we rang the number given and the lovely lady told us that he was coming from… Greece. My sister lived in Greece for a few years, rescued a cat there from the streets and took him with her when she moved back from Switzerland. This lady is Greek herself and works with an animal shelter there. She came with a colleague to meet us last week and we passed the test! We are going to visit Cute Doggy next Monday and bring him back with us on Wednesday or Thursday, after he has had all the necessary tests and jabs.

Our household is in total “dog fever”. Second Daughter and I have been dog shopping together and Sexy Hubby has found an organic dog food supplier nearby. What we could not find – or did not like – in shops we ordered on-line. Three books – one about puppy training, one about having a healthy dog and one about someone’s experience – are now being read while sitting at our breakfast bar – as you can see! We have been looking at puppy training classes too and are going to make a couple of visits at the weekend.


I had dinner with a friend last night and was telling her the whole story. At the end she said: “Sounds to me that your true feelings about having a dog came out during that party”. I think she is totally right.



You will find more walk stories here: Sticky Fingers.





32 thoughts on “Walks – It All Started With Tequila”

    1. Very much looking forward to it all too! 😀 Fear not, more posts to follow of course… 😉 xx

    1. Yes, I think our excitement kind of came across in the post… 😉 Thank you, will of course keep you all posted.

  1. I am keen to see what a beagle-dachshund looks like!
    I don’t think there is any better way to make a decision – if it seems OK after a shot of tequila – go for it !

    1. From the photos we have seen, a beagle-dachshund looks very cute!!
      Glad you approve my way of making decisions… 😉

    1. We are already in love, and have yet to meet him! 😉
      As for the bowls… wait until you see the two beds we ordered!! 😀 xx

  2. Enjoy your puppy. I can’t say I would do it again as it was bloody hard work but it certainly got us all out walking a great deal more


    1. I know it is a lot of work but it has its rewards too. The walks definitely will be good for us. xx

  3. And now I have total dog bowl envy – look at those wonderful specimens! I can honestly say that getting a dog was the best thing we ever did. My eldest daughter is so good with him, has taught him tricks and he really sees her as his owner, obeying her more than the rest of us put together! It’s great for kids – good luck!

    1. OK, I may have to start an export business for these bowls! LOL!!
      Thank you, I sure hope that our experience will be as positive as yours. xx

    1. Fate often intervenes in our family so I am totally trusting this latest development! Thank you! 🙂

  4. What a great story – I love how you all sat down and negociated a contract about who’s doing what. From the words that came out of your mouth at your friends house – it was all meant to be… how exciting – I hope there is going to be a post featuring your lovely puppy. BTW love that you found a leopard print bowl – very you! X.

    1. Thank you, glad you enjoyed it! 😀 Yes, we wanted to make sure everybody understood what this meant, including Second Daughter of course. I am CERTAIN there will be posts featuring our puppy…
      As for the bowls, well, it had to be leopard print, right? 😉 xx

  5. Quelle belle vie va avoir votre ami-chien! Comme vous vous balladez beaucoup dans de beaux endroits, forêts, campagne, il aura un cadre de vie magnifique, surtout, vous aimez la vie, respectez votre environnement… vous verrez, ce petit pet va vous apporter autant de joies et d’amour que vous lui en donnerez. Les elfes des environs vont être ravis de faire sa connaissance aussi, vous verrez!!! 🙂
    Joyeuses fêtes de Pâques à vous tous, et dès que votre ami-chien sera avec vous, merci de lui faire plein de câlins de ma part! Je vous embrasse très fort!!!

    1. Merci pour ton charmant commentaire! Nous nous réjouissons follement… 😀
      A toi/vous aussi de bonnes fêtes de Pâques et c’est noté pour les câlins!!
      Bisous xxoo

    1. I totally believe it was meant to be… 😉 We did our best to find him cool bowls and beds!! xx

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