One of my best friends gave me this card last year for my birthday. I love it so much that it has held a place of choice on the windowsill in front of my desk ever since.


I find these vintage characteristics put together make for a fabulous look: the tan, the big sunglasses, the false eyelashes, the haircut… it works, does it not? And the champagne glass is fantastic too. I actually own a couple of similar glasses, but they sport the Babycham fawn logo on them. I got them while I was living in the UK many, many years ago as this used to be one of my favourite beverages back then. We still laugh when reminiscing about that era with a friend of mine as the first time I told her about it she misunderstood and heard “Babyjam”, which totally confused her!

As for what the card says, it did make me laugh. Poor guy! Now… can you spot the bubbles in that champagne glass?


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28 thoughts on “Vintage – Champagne And A Card”

    1. Yes, was feeling a bit nostalgic writing the post! Also remember the much more lethal Brandy & Babycham… 😉

  1. That is a fab card! I love all those vintage style cards you can get, in fact I my 2010 calendar was vintage style like that!

    1. Yes, we still laugh about it now! I could not understand why she looked so puzzled… 😉

    1. Thank you! How funny that you bought the same card! Hope your friend enjoyed it as much as I did! 😉

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