If you are in my age range, there is a good chance you will remember the first video games. Pong anyone? Or Pac-Man? And of course, Space Invaders… We were talking about all these games not long ago and it obviously gave Second Daughter ideas.

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day in Germany. We have an open-space kitchen, dining area and lounge and I was banned from the whole place until everything was ready. Once called in, I discovered a pretty table, a yummy breakfast and a heart-shaped box with You Invaded My Heart on the cover.

I opened it and found these delicious, handmade Space Invaders chocolates:
Space Invaders Handmade Chocolates
How cool is that?

24 thoughts on “Up Close And Personal |
Space Invaders

  1. How sweet! I had my Mother’s day on the English day back in March. My two told me in no uncertain terms I wasn’t getting anything on the German Mother’s day, just in case I had forgotten! 😀

    1. LOL! My eldest daughter was with us last weekend, so I got to celebrate a second time. She arrived with her present and Second Daughter gave me another one from her, so pretty spoiled! 😉 xx

    1. Thank you, I must say that I was very pleased with the way the photo of my fab present turned out! xx

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