I only spent four days in London – two of them short ones – but it seems that many posts will come out of my trip!

So here are a few “London Pairs” for you…


Painting on pavement in London

Gorgeous house entrance with black door and plants in London

Cocktail Hour at the Hard Rock Café London

Fake crabs used for window dressing



You will find more two stories here: Sticky Fingers.





20 thoughts on “Two
London Pairs

    1. I agree, whoever made that drawing is very talented. Glad you like the doorway too.

    1. LOL! Nope, one for me and one for my friend… 😉 Pomegranate Martini, very nice! xx

    1. No, did not look at the theme last week, only realised I could use those when I downloaded them!
      Thought the crabs were fab. 🙂

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