Yes, I have really tried. To choose just one trip, one holiday, and to share it in details with you. Usually I am quite a decisive person, but not this time. I pondered, looked at my old-fashioned photo albums longingly, browsed eagerly through my digital photo collection, found ideas, discarded them.

In the end, I decided that I would stick to digital photos only and to go for a selection of different continents, countries and cities. I will keep the paper photos and Hong Kong, Australia, Singapore, New York, etc. for another time (hint, hint, Tara, can we have a travel related theme again?).

I hope you will enjoy the pictures, and do tell me which one is your favourite!
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41 thoughts on “Travel – I Have Tried”

  1. What a fantastic gallery – you get around a bit, don’t you? Favourite pic: White Sands, New Mexico. It looks so dramatic. Second fave, La Cruces. I’ve never seen such jagged mountains.

    1. I love travelling, yes, but these photos were taken over a few years! New Mexico certainly has stunning sceneries, it was hard to choose the photos. The little girl on the White Sands photo is Second Daughter, it gives an idea of how vast this place is.

  2. Mmmm well I like the cake shop photo from Florence :0
    I also think the White Sands is dramatic as Keith said and I like the golden gate bridge photo. I am soooo not jealous in the slightest of your trips x

    1. I tried the green cakes! 😉 As for San Francisco, it is easy to take dramatic photos with the fog!

    1. Thank you! :o) First time we went to Disneyland Paris, First Daughter ran out of the cave when the dragon moved… 😉

    1. Thanks! 🙂 Sexy-Hubby-The-Guitar-Player took the Las Vegas one, and just loved the way this entrance was arranged in Venice.

    1. Well, it helps that I have friends and family living in “strategic” places!! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. That is exactly why I started my “diary of a travelling executive” series. Too many places and so much to see. I think I have been to about 50% of the same places as you. I have never been to Italy amazingly! Your pic of the Golden Gate bridge is waaaay better than mine (but still looks like the Forth Road Bridge lol)

    1. Oh, you will have to go to Italy!! 🙂 But it is the Forth Road Bridge!! 😉 LOL!!

      1. As my husband… For us, next year if all is ok. I hope so, it’s the only one city in California which appeals me.

        1. I was surprised how much I liked LA too, but San Francisco remains my favourite. Hope your next holiday in the US will be much nicer than the last one!!

  4. I’m opting for Barca and San Fran but then I’m biased as they are two cities I adore so much. Great photos! I’m loving The Maldives shot although sadly I’ve not been there 🙁

    1. I discovered Barcelona this year, but will definitely going back! I tried to find a different shot of the Maldives than turquoise ocean + white sand beach + lovely beach hut! Hope you will make it there.

  5. You have some great photos,the cake shop in Italy just reminds me of a cake shop in London,(funny how i can remember what cake shops look like ) 🙂

  6. I know how difficult it is to chose one location. I´ve thought about the same and all I came up with was my “travel” page.
    I´d like to go to Barcelona and to Venice!!

    1. With all the travelling you do, must be even more difficult than for me!! Both Barcelona and Venice are very beautiful… Hope you will make it there! 🙂

  7. I can’t do choosing favourites I’m afraid – I have enough trouble with my own 🙂 However, I’ve been to Calpe so that brought memories back and I lvoed the New Mexico White Sands too, and the cakes, and London Eye is just home for me, see like I said…I can’t do favourites

  8. I really enjoyed looking at your pictures, and they bought back some great memories when it came to the destinations we’ve shared. My favourite was San Fran, a city I love and with a crazy climate which you caught so well – the fog and sun light battling it out over the Golden Gate Bridge. Your White Sands shot makes me want to go there – there’s still so much of the world I haven’t discovered. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, glad to hear we have shared some destinations and that you enjoyed looking at the photos.The three you posted on your blog are absolutely gorgeous, never been to Japan but would love too.! I wanted to comment but could not, have trouble when using Google account together with Blogger, I do not know how to solve this! 🙁

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