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After a fantastic Halloween night, I was blessed the whole week with very mild temperatures for early November and a bright blue sky. The perfect weather to explore the city and take gorgeous photos!

Apart from two days when the sightseeing was done mostly by car, my cousin’s wife and I walked. I love doing this in a place I am not familiar with, as it allows for discovering quirky details you would otherwise miss. I found Toronto rather vibrant. Plenty of bright red maple trees, of course, but lots of other colourful spots all over town too. A pink bicycle decorating a fence. Huge glass flowers encased in the roof of a hotel entrance. An impressive turquoise building looming over a traditional looking mansion. A gold alien engraved in the ground of a subway station. The Toronto equivalent of Times Square and all its advertising. And of course the Canadian flag.

From an architecture point of view, I was quite taken with the intricate shape of the Royal Ontario Museum. It was interesting also to learn about Casa Loma, Toronto’s very own castle, which was Sir Henry’s dream… It is of course impossible not to mention the CN tower dominating the city. As for the town hall, the old one was much more to my taste than the current one!

The Lake Ontario gives a holiday feeling to Toronto. His massive size and sandy beach could easily make you believe that you are walking by the sea. There are also plenty of green areas and families were clearly enjoying them during our Sunday outing. I found the Music Garden especially lovely, and vowed to come back again during the warm season to attend one of their summer concerts.

Now tell me, did I convince you to go and visit Toronto?

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