Togetherness – A Cheeky Take On It

  • I could have posted a photo of us holding hands…
  • Or laughing together…
  • Or exchanging this special look…
  • Or Sexy Hubby holding me in his arms…
  • Or kissing
  • Or being silly together…
  • Or…

But since I am in a cheeky mood today, I am posting this one:

This is also togetherness for me! 😉

  • Photo copyright: © Jaytee Van Stean – 2011 –
  • This picture cannot be used, reproduced or copied in any form without the written consent of its author.

You will find more togetherness stories here: Sticky Fingers.

25 thoughts on “Togetherness – A Cheeky Take On It

  1. Linley

    I believe too that you were pregnant without telling me anything ! I was ready to write an anger word ! ^^

    Amazing picture !


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