If you have visited my Who Is Funky Wellies? page, you are aware of my frog and toad phobia… And if you have read my Memories At The Chalet post, you know how it all started!

I am making small steps towards recovery, though. I have for example bought napkins sporting jolly frogs in the spring. Or Sexy Hubby bought “Fred the Frog” for me, a rather fetching Christmas tree ornament. I try not to turn away when I see a frog on TV or in a magazine. And now, I have Wilhelm der Erste in my bathroom!



We bought this picture at a Christmas market last December and I love it. This smiling character waving at me brightens up the room and I catch myself at times smiling back…

I am so keen on Wilhelm that I have decided to add another painting to my collection. Although I am tempted by one of the handbags too!


Decisions, decisions…

Wilhelm der Erste – by Svenja Scharwächter

10 thoughts on “Therapy”

  1. Aw, Wilhelm is very sweet! My sister has a complete frog phobia, probably not helped by her two older sisters searching them out and presenting her with them when we were little! 😀

    1. Glad you like Wilhelm too! Have you checked the website? There are many different ones, and bags and jewellery too! 🙂

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