I apologize for the delay in delivering the second part of the story as I am certain that you have all been waiting for it with bated breath!

After our cake stop, we went back to our apartment to get ready for our Scorpions Premium Package at the O2 World arena. Glasses of Prosecco were poured and we turned into rock fans, black leather trousers and T-shirt for Sexy Hubby, black Vegas Royalty bling-bling top and snakeskin patterned trousers for me as well as our fantastic Affliction leather jackets we bought last year in Las Vegas. I went as far as adding a glittered nail varnish on top of my Chanel Vendetta on my toes… Be grateful for small mercies as I will not subject you to the photos taken that night!!

Off we went on our bikes, and I laughed the whole of the four kilometers that separated Schoenhouse Appartments from the O2 World Arena as we looked so ridiculous on our ancient bikes dressed the way we were… Quick parenthesis here, another thing to love about Berlin, nobody cares or will stare at you whatever look you favour.

We got there just before Klaus Meine – the Scorpions front man for those of you who might not know – turned up and I can therefore say that despite having done this for over forty years, he was very nice to the fans waiting for him and graciously signed autographs and posed for photos, then thanked everybody and entered the building.

It was then our turn to enter the arena and I have to say that we were impressed with this “VIP” package, the bar and restaurant looked airy and welcoming, the buffet offerings were delicious and the wines excellent, a lovely surprise as we had been expected nibbles, if we had known I certainly would have NOT eaten that huge piece of Sachertorte – or half of it anyway as Sexy Hubby had to help me out – in the afternoon! We have now decided that this is the way to attend a concert and will do so in the future.

After an entertaining opening band called Edguy a short pause occurred, and then the Scorpions appeared. What a show! These guys really still rock and the enthusiasm is genuine, the energy intact, they simply take the stage by storm… They played of course songs from their latest – and last – album “Sting in the tail” as well as their big hits over the years. My personal favourite remains “Still Loving You” and of course – those of you who know me will not be surprised – I got a bit emotional! The band played for two hours, it was over too quickly in my opinion. We then had a couple more drinks and, incredibly, more food and went back to our bikes, only to be greeted by the unpleasant surprise that Sexy Hubby’s saddle had been stolen! The journey back was though for him, as for me, given my slightly euphoric state shall we say, I still wonder how I made it…

Our last day in Berlin was a bit more subdued, we walked all the way to Potsdamer Platz enjoying the sights. I am now a huge fan of the Ampelmann, a vestige of East Germany, and we came across an interesting exhibition in the Tiergarten called the Global Stone Project. I have found the website describing the concept for those of you interested in reading about it: Global Stone. It is encouraging to see that some people’s dreams or missions do come true!

Once in Potsdamer Platz we visited the Romy Schneider exhibition at the Deutsche Kinemathek, she is one of my favourite actresses and I spent a very pleasant hour or so discovering the various artifacts. It was then time for a drink on the terrace of one of the Sony Center cafés and to test the incredibly efficient U-Bahn to get back to the apartment. Once there we just had time for a bite to eat and a lovely Chai Latte before the taxi for our journey back to the airport arrived. It was a truly wonderful – or “wunderschön” as we would say here – long weekend and I have only one thing to say: we will be back!

10 thoughts on “The Wonders Of Berlin – Part II”

  1. Thanks for sharing with the rest of the world that I had half of your “Sachertorte” on top of my cheesecake! People will think “how can a guy that is such a glutton be a “Sexy” Hubby??? :o)

    1. That’s what we thought!! ;o) It was my third “VIP” concert experience, the first two being invitations from a supplier to music festivals while still living in Geneva, have to say I like it… LOL!! Do have a search for this denim jacket, would love to see a photo of it!! ;o)

  2. Half of a“Sachertorte” on top of your cheesecake? Suddenly I wonder how suitable you might be as a brother-in-law, not sure I ought the be impressed rather than horrified 🙂 Still an impressive achievement I guess… congratulation on a healthy stomach, I’d have dropped dead I suppose…

    1. To be fair, we had not eaten anything since breakfast, been cycling most of the day and the cheesecake slice was rather small compared to my Sachertorte!! 🙂

  3. Right after reading through this post, I thought about the exact same point that I usually wonder when scanning new blogs and forums. What do I think regarding this? How should it impact me? This and other posts on your website here surely give some stuff to consider. I found myself on here just after researching some of my work stuff on Google and somehow came across your blog. I’m glad that I stuck around and I most certainly will be sure to add this site to my news reader in order to keep tabs down the road. Thanks again!

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment, I am really touched… I love writing and sharing with others, and hope you will continue finding things to consider in my posts!

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