Sexy Hubby and I spent three days in Berlin in May. I was certainly expecting a delightful weekend, but let me tell you, I completely fell in love with this city…

I had been to Berlin only once before on business so needless to say, I did not have time to enjoy anything and I remember that in the taxi on my way back to the airport, catching a glimpse of Brandenburger Tor, I thought: “I will have to come back one day”.

Well, it took me fourteen years but I did go back, thanks to my wonderful Sexy Hubby who organized this long weekend as a birthday treat for me, with many thanks too to my lovely in-laws who all chipped in! Back in February, I received a DVD containing a great presentation describing my present: flying to Berlin on a Friday morning, staying in a Schoenhouse apartment, VIP tickets for the Scorpions concert on the Saturday night, lots of sightseeing, plenty of time for a glass of Prosecco and the visit of the Romy Schneider exhibition at the Deutsche Kinemathek, all this with “Still Loving You” playing in the background! To say I was really touched is probably the understatement of the year.

So on Friday May 28th we got on that plane and one hour later we landed in the capital of Germany. The bus trip from the airport to our apartment was in itself a delight as it allowed us to see quite a bit of the city and gave us ideas on where to go the following day. We got off in Alexander Platz and from there made our way to our destination, happily walking along interesting streets.

When we got to Schoenhouse Appartments – – Sexy Hubby was incredibly chuffed with his choice, and he was right to be, it was fantastic! The concept of renovating buildings and renting apartments instead of hotel rooms is quite common in Berlin. You end up with a huge, nicely decorated room with some character and everything you could wish for, and it is less expensive than staying in a hotel. Our place also included a “yummy deli”, everything we ate or drank there was of the highest quality and the staff was very friendly.

The building was located in Berlin-Mitte and that first afternoon we explored Schoenhauser Allee and its surroundings, quirky shops – bought myself a “Who killed Bambi” bag, a brand I certainly did not know before! – beautiful edifices, welcoming restaurants and bars including one serving a delicious Prosecco in generous measure for… 1,50 Euro! And that is another thing about Berlin: prices are extremely reasonable… When I think of the budget you need for a weekend in Paris or London – cities I also love – Berlin does not even come close and you have lots of fun too.

On the Saturday, the weather was being very kind to us so we rented bikes and set off to explore the town. We saw some of the main landmarks – Museuminsel, Reichstag, Berliner Dom, Brandenburger Tor, Pariser Platz, etc – and gave our feet a break in the process! As it happened, a bike race was taking place the following day and the whole infrastructure was in place already so we stopped by and Sexy Hubby, a keen cyclist, looked around trying to decide which one would be his next bike!

We then headed off to Bernauer Strasse, where the remains of the Berlin Wall still stand. It does seem incredible now that this once existed, and it was quite an emotional moment to read about history and the people who had died there trying to escape. I am actually still thinking about the photo of a six-year-old little boy that I saw on the memorial monument.

After this visit, we decided to head back to our apartment to get ready for our big night out, but not without stopping for some scrumptious cakes first! I happened to see the cafe we stopped at from the corner of my eye and started shouting: “Cakes, cakes!” which nearly made Sexy Hubby fall off his bike…

As I have yet again ran out of time and definitely want to post something today, Part II of the Wonders of Berlin will be delivered tomorrow… and you will then learn that the Scorpions still rock!!

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  1. We should look at apartments next time. We had a great time at the Radisson Blu but I do like the idea of an upmarket self-catering option with a bit more space. Looking forward to Part Two!

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