If I ask you: “What are German people like?”, there is a good chance that a cliché such as: “serious, rigid, lack of humour, only interested in business” will come out, right?

Well, I cannot speak for the whole of Germany, of course, but in the South where I live at least, I have found that people are welcoming, very patient with me while my command of the language improves slowly but – hopefully – surely, eager to help with everything which is different from my home country and happy to take the time to explain. They are also warm, funny and boy do they know how to party!

A good example is last weekend. We decided to attend our local Asparagus Festival – yes, I have also discovered that ANYTHING here is an excuse for celebration: Asparagus, Flammkuchen, Pumpkin, Sauerkraut, 1. May, paper lanterns, you name it they have a party for it! So off we went, with loose plans to meet with some friends – who said rigid? Found friends in the crowd, started sharing drinks together, then went off for dinner when friends of friends joined us.

I thoroughly enjoyed talking to all of them, was such a laugh I promised I was going to do my bit to put these German myths to rest, at which point everybody gave me their email address to be informed about this very important post. So here you are guys, true to my word, I am writing about you!

How did the evening – or the night I should say – end? With more drinks and a concert that I can only describe as “psychedelic” given that the front man ended up singing in a dressing gown…
Now who can honestly still say that the Germans are too serious and show a complete lack of humour?

0 thoughts on “The Truth About The Germans – Part I”

  1. Hi Funkywellies.

    Cool story and I can confirm, this is true!
    We had a lot of fun and I am looking forward for the next ” psychedelisch Fest”.

    CU soon

  2. Jepp,
    Great evening, had a great time and a great hangover – lovely !!! Headache the day after sometimes is a sign that you´re still alive – lol …

  3. I’m also a foreigner in Germany. I come from Eastern Europe, where everybody was telling me how Germans are cold, hostile and boring, and that I’ll be very lonely there. I still don’t speak German – and I don’t feel discriminated in any way. I just started my internship here, my colleagues are talking to me in English all the time, they are very relaxed and fun, we had office celebrations several times and we went out to a pub once, all together. I feel very comfortable with all of them, and I believe that some prejudices should be finally buried!
    I also loved your Berlin posts! Me and my boyfriend went there at the end of March, beginning of April, to visit some of his friends. It was the first time for me to go there – and I was as fascinated as you were. I was planning to write my own reportage about Berlin on my some of there days 🙂
    Keep up the nice writing! 🙂

    1. I am glad that I am not the only one with this opinion about the Germans! ;o Let me know if you come to the South and thanks for your lovely compliments!