I meant to write yesterday, but unexpected events took place and in the end I ran out of time… Not good for my stats, but helping with the never-ending learning curve of life rarely going according to plan!

Anyway, I thought that I needed to post a second time with some more observations about my fellow adoptive countrymen given yesterday’s adventures…

First Daughter was on a school outing to the zoo when she fell over a fence after being pushed. Off she went into a bush of roses – had quite a few thorns to remove from her poor hands – and hit her head. She rang to tell me about it, but said she was fine and that I did not need to pick her up. Then she rang again to say that she had thrown up twice and had a headache, they were on their way back to school so this time I insisted on fetching her. I got hold of my keys and phone and left.

As I was arriving near her school, what do I see but the police randomly stopping cars… Of course, I was one of them while the car in front of me just blissfully carried on. I explained the story about my daughter, kind policeman was very understanding, told me it would just take a minute and could I please show him my driving license… And that is when I realized that I had left my handbag at home and therefore did not have said driving license with me! Nice policeman then pondered about what to do, which gave me time to remember that I have a photo of it on my iPhone and offered to show this to him. He looked a bit puzzled at that one – rightly so – and then agreed, while asking me several questions at the same time, of the nature of “name, address, birth date”, etc. He then went off to make a phone call and whoever was on the other end must have confirmed that I did have a German driving license and was not wanted for murder, thievery, drug dealing or assault. Lovely policeman then came back and told me I was free to go, that he hoped my daughter would feel better soon and to drive carefully…

I was gobsmacked! Clearly I deserved a fine and still adorable policeman was sensitive to my plight and let me go! This one is hard to top, is it not?

As for those of you who wonder what happened to First Daughter, I can reassure you that she is fine, some paracetamol and a rest, followed by a good night sleep took care of the matter. If I come across sweet policeman again I will make sure to let him know.

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