I thought it was about time to write about my fellow adoptive countrymen again. Today, I will go for one positive story and a less positive one, shall we say.

Let’s start with the good one. Quite a while ago, Sexy Hubby was on holiday and therefore at home with us during the week (hurray!). He totally surprised me on the Monday by saying that we would go out that night and that I would really enjoy it. Go out? On a Monday night? Where? Picture my raised eyebrows and the puzzled look on my face. I questioned and probed, to no avail, all I got was: “It is a surprise”.

The evening came and off we went. We arrived to a lively bar/restaurant and I thought: “Cool, new place to have a drink and a chat, like it”. When I mentioned this to Sexy Hubby he replied: “Oh but we are not staying here, we will move next door soon”. Now I was mystified… We went down a corridor, arrived at the door where Sexy Hubby paid the entrance fee and walked into a huge place. Believe it or not, every Monday night you can go and listen to live music there. The place was absolutely packed, and we realised that should you want a table you definitely have to book it in advance. One of our favourite musicians, Stefan Ullmann, was playing that night, and we had a blast. As we left shortly after 1:00, the venue was still rocking. So much for the Germans going to bed early to be in top form for work the following day!

They do have their lapses, though… As mentioned in my “What A Show” post, Bon Jovi told us that ending their concert twenty minutes over the curfew the last time was enough to have neighbours complaining and the authorities deciding that there would be no more open air concerts in that location. The ban lasted eight years… Eight years for twenty minutes? Come on, people, how about a little bit of understanding and flexibility? Especially when knowing that curfew is at 23:00 on a Saturday night, and concerts had been scheduled once or twice a year… This time, the band took no chances and finished exactly on time, a few seconds before the church bells rang eleven times. And I am certain that seventy decibels limit was checked and re-checked many times! I did read in the papers than some nearby residents could not understand their counterparts either and had very much enjoyed the concert sitting comfortably on their terrace or balcony. There were also actually hoping that this would happen more often.

Now that is the spirit!


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4 thoughts on “The Truth About The Germans – Part III”

  1. There is always and always will be one who wants to ruin the party, c’est la vie.
    That last photo of yours is gorgeous and says so much. I love it and while I’m here love love love your vintage card too

    1. Indeed… But the reaction of all the others gives me hope! As for the photo, I took my cowgirl hat off as I did not want to block the view of the stage for others and then these two girls started throwing confettis. I had to take that picture as it summed up the festive atmosphere of that great concert. And when the girls noticed I was smiling at them, they offered me their confetti bags to join in. Such a nice moment! 🙂
      Happy you love the vintage card too, I find it so fab!

  2. I enjoyed reading this tonight. Too brain dead to think up a witty comment but wanted to let you know I’d popped by and enjoyed x

    1. Too brain dead as well to write a witty answer, but thank you for popping by, and glad you enjoyed the post! 🙂

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