And I wish it had not bothered. I am a daughter of the sun; I love warmth, promising mornings and long evenings, the colours of leaves and flowers and spending time outside.

I cannot wait for spring to arrive. Even if snow sprinkled over the plants on our terrace looks quite pretty.





one week

12 thoughts on “The Snow Came Back”

    1. Thank you! A kindred spirit! 🙂
      The snow has gone again now, and it should get a bit warmer by the end of the week… *fingers crossed* xx

    1. The END of February, practically March, spring really should be coming, no? 🙁
      You saw Sexy Hubby’s answer, but he still makes a wonderful hot water bottle… 😉

    1. He really is… He comes alive again in the sun! 😉 I am sick of all these layers we have to wear by now…

  1. What I hate about this time of year is the feeling that spring is just aroudn the corner–the days are slowly getting warmer, and without a wind the sun is sometimes WARM… and then suddenly snow or a bitterly cold day. UGH!!! I LOVE the sun and warmth.

    1. Hate it too… Having a gorgeous weekend here so hoping that the snow is gone for good! 😉

  2. The snow came back last weekend for us too. We had driven up to Newcastle to visit my mum and were caught out by the white stuff. Very frustrating.

    Ps – all this talk of shrinking with the cold. I do hope that isn’t the case with your hot water bottle 😉

    1. It must have been, glad you got home safely.
      On a different note, no shrinking of any kind has to be reported. Northern quality, you see, quite impressive! 😉

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