… is this gorgeous Advent calendar. Made from scratch by Second Daughter. Without any help, her ideas and skills only, many hours of work and effort. Just because she wanted to do something special for her Mum…



Thank you for this wonderful gift, my darling, I am really touched and excited about opening all these mysterious doors! xx



19 thoughts on “The Reason I Cannot Wait For December 1st…”

    1. Thank you! She is indeed… She has a second desk now, as she definitely needed more space for all the craft, drawing and painting she does!! 🙂

    1. Indeed! But that is just the way she is… Thought you might like it, and glad you got your own handmade one too! 🙂 xx

  1. Well well well, thanks to your daughter’s great creative skills you’ve something to look forward to to help you go through December!! Snowing in Geneva, God I hate winter 🙁

    1. Should I ask her to make one for you next year? 😉 It does brighten up my day, her little presents are so lovely. xx

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