On the longest day, I was in London attending the BritMums Live 2014 conference. Not too many opportunities to enjoy the glorious sunshine that day, but the garden set up in the courtyard of the Brewery, with its comfortable sofas and fake grass, was perfect to chill out for a little while.

I had flown on Thursday already to meet a friend and spend some time together before the event (more to come about this). In the evening, I met her and we decided to head for the OXO Tower. Getting off at Embankment, we very much enjoyed our stroll along the Thames before arriving at the bar. We were lucky enough to get the last table, as this had been a spur of the moment decision and we had not booked anything. I had been there before but still appreciated the fabulous views as much. Inside, people-watching is always interesting. I thought we both looked pretty glamorous until a party of four arrived, from Ascot presumably. Stunning outfits and hats for the ladies.

Champagne-based “Brief Encounter” cocktails were our choice and the nibbles we had were so delicious we ordered some more. A truly lovely evening spent catching up in a beautiful place, the notes emanating from the piano adding a touch of nostalgia.
Oxo Tower London - Brief Encounter Cocktails

Oxo Tower Bar London

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OXO Tower Cocktails

    1. I agree, perfect cocktail name! 🙂
      Would love for us to meet at a conference, let’s try to make it happen. xx

  1. It was SO lovely to finally meet you at Britmums – I had no idea it was the longest day till I was on the train home and saw Taras prompt email come out 🙂

    1. I know, such a shame we did not meet! 🙁
      I guess with so many people around it takes a bit of luck… xx

  2. The Oxo Tower is fab and very fancy! When I got engaged, one of my engagement presents to Younger Dad was a fabulous meal at the Oxo Tower. I still remember that evening very well. Sounds like you had a lovely time with your friend. X

    1. What a fabulous engagement present, no wonder you still remember it so well. 🙂
      In my case, my friend treated me as a belated birthday present, very kind of her. 😀 xx

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