OK, last post for today as I eventually will have to go and feed First and Second Daughters…

Second Daughter LOVES talking – yes, yes, I know, the apple and the tree story… – she has something to say about EVERYTHING and many, many questions to ask. So the other day, the question was: “Mummy, what do the little mice do with all the teeth they collect from the children?”.

Quick translation here: in your country, this job might be dedicated to a lovely fairy, but in Switzerland and Germany at least, a little mouse is visiting the children.

So Second Daughter has figured out that given the number of children in the world, there must be more than one mouse or fairy. Good. But this is a very valid question: what happens to all these teeth? Second Daughter reckons that they are being put to good use and the mice build houses and furniture for themselves with them.

What do you think? Let me know!

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