It is becoming more and more difficult to avoid the “C” word… Yes, I am talking about Christmas! The shops are full of Advent calendars, colourful decorations and winter-themed wrapping papers and cards. I think it will also not be long now until we hear the first Christmas song on the radio.

It is time to start thinking about Christmas presents for our families and friends. Not always an easy task! As a Mum of two daughters who own lots of different earrings, I thought I would give the Little Book of Earrings a try.
The Little Book of Earrings - Cover
This fake book is a clever storing system, allowing you to put away your earrings in pairs and to find them instantaneously. No more searching in various boxes! You can pin up to 12 pairs of earrings, depending on their sizes, onto the four padded foam pages. It works brilliantly with stud and long, flat earrings. My only reservation would be if you mostly own dangle earrings on the bulky side. It might then be more difficult to store them and close the book.
The Little Book of Earrings - InsideThe Little Book of Earrings - Storage for earrings
I chose gold as a cover colour for mine, but the book is available in pink, navy and purple too. It is a pretty, well-finished item that now sits on my dressing table.

A lovely and useful gift.
The Little Book of Earrings - Close up
Disclosure: Presents for Men sent me a Little Book of Earrings free of charge for the purpose of this review. Words, photos and opinion are my own.

12 thoughts on “The Little Book Of Earrings”

  1. LOL! I thought I heard my first Christmas song when I switched the radio on in the car today but thankfully it turned out to be another one! 😉
    The Little Book of Earrings is very clever indeed, I really like it. xx

  2. Presents for Men (and Gifts for Girls) are great for ideas like this. I bought a transparent earring storage thing from them a few years ago, plus a necklace tree. I hadn’t seen this one – very pretty.

    1. Indeed, they do offer something different and I thought the quality of the little book was very good. xx

    1. LOL! Despite the name of the website, they do have a large “Gifts for Girls” section! 😀
      Glad you like my earrings, although this is only a small selection… 😉 xx

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