I love my kitchen. The fact that it consists of an open space included in the vast dining area/lounge. The bar with its three stools, where our family and guests love to gather. That bit of the kitchen is used for breakfast, sometimes lunch, for homework or at aperitif time with our friends. It is a very convivial place and I have already gathered many good memories in it over the past two years.

Now that you, dear reader, have the background, I want to focus on four objects in particular.


In the first photo, you can spot my beloved Kitchen Aid. I find it absolutely fantastic. It is so easy to come up with an airy dough that will turn into tasty bread – usually in the shape of funny animals! – or light pastry, either sweet for a lovely fruit tart or savoury for a comforting quiche. It is also used to make pasta, and our next “lasagne day” will very probably happen during the Christmas holidays. It turns baking a birthday cake into child’s play and is also useful for whipping cream. Definitely a great buy. Next to it is one of the Mother’s Day presents I received from First Daughter. It says: “Sweet Little Words for Mummy” and as you can see, the Post-it block is always ready to be used. It has been in my kitchen for many years now, but it still warms my heart every time I see it.


The second photo shows the difference in tastes between Sexy Hubby and I. He is a coffee drinker, I am a tea kind of girl. I love the smell of coffee but hate the bitterness. He drinks tea too, but at least two mugs of coffee are required to start the day. We take our beverage preferences very seriously, and have therefore invested into a Nespresso machine and a funky Pylones electric kettle. Wise decisions.

How about you? Can you name your favourite object in your kitchen?


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20 thoughts on “The Kitchen – My Favourites”

  1. Kitchen is not really my favourite place… so I would say my radio and the hart that DS2 gave me last June after his school camp (a big red wood hart with written “Je t’aime, Maman”)

    1. Another Kitchen Aid fan! I have had it for years and it is still going strong. I love it. Thanks for your comment! 🙂

  2. What a gorgeous kettle – I want one and I’ve had the Kitchen Aid on my Want list forever. I will get one – watch this space 🙂

    1. First kettle fan, and third Kitchen Aid fan! I am sure both will look great in your new kitchen! 😉

    1. I am amazed at the kettle and Kitchen Aid reactions!! I love this kettle too, but then I find most Pylones products great. Hope Santa will bring you what you wish for!! 😉

    1. See previous comment!! 😉 They have different designs and colours, I had a hard time choosing mine!

  3. I love that kettle!!!

    I used to love my kitchens but now I have a bigger one and I hate to be there because of my lousy neighbors. It´s the first time my kitchen is not cozy or inspiring or it has that touch that makes it your place. So this time I have no answer to your question 🙁
    Let´s see what type of kitchen I have when I move again!!

    1. And one more fan!! 😉 Sad to hear that your current kitchen is not the lovely place it should be, I am keeping my fingers crossed that your next one will be again!

  4. Ok i am jealous of that sexy red kitchen aid!! I am drooling over it!! Plus that funky tea pot is so cool!! Gorgeous appliances! x

    1. Thanks, used the Kitchen Aid at the weekend, it really is a great tool! As for the kettle, as I said, I am a big fan of these colourful Pylones gadgets… xx

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