I added a new page on my blog to share the creations of my budding fashion designer of a daughter. Each time there will be one drawing explained in her own words.

You can find out more about this new project on the Fashion Designer To Be page.
Purple Dress With Glitter of Indian Inspiration
I love Indian colours, the purples, the oranges, the pinks, etc.
I wanted to design something special, so I imagined this dress with glitter and movement.
The head of the model is covered with a sari like women wear in India and I wrapped it down her arms.
I thought there was still something missing so I added accessories on her legs and linked them to her hands with ribbons to give a nice Indian feel.

10 thoughts on “The Indian Wonder”

  1. I love how you always think to integrate the outfit with accessories for the arms, legs, or head in some way – it makes things much more interesting, and I LOVE interesting 🙂

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