Second Daughter was very excited about the last school project before the summer holidays. Each of the children planted a seed in a plastic cup and they carefully observed the birth of their very own beanstalk. The end of the school year arrived and so the beanstalk ended up on our terrace. As it was a bit sturdier by then Second Daughter planted it into a flower pot and, as she was leaving for her holiday with her Dad, asked me to take good care of it. I solemnly promised.

Looking after it I did but its phenomenally quick growth took me by surprise and before I had time to tie it to a wooden stick the wind had broken it… I considered buying more seeds but then noticed that a second one was growing. This time I took no chances and I planted it into a bigger pot complete with a wooden stick.


Second Daughter came back after five weeks – as we had our vacation in the South of France together straight after her three weeks in Switzerland – and of course immediately went to check on her beanstalk. There it was, magnificent, as our lovely neighbour had looked after it and our other plants very well. It needed something longer to climb onto so Second Daughter and I wrapped it carefully around a green gardening pole. Or so we thought… We twisted it too tight and it died almost instantaneously! But… guess what? That is when we noticed another one was growing again! This time we agreed to let it decide for itself and just let two gardening poles in the pot.

A week later Sexy Hubby and I were sitting on the terrace and could not believe it: We could practically see the beanstalk grow in front of our eyes! Fast forward one week and same thing, it has reached the top of the pole so Sexy Hubby built a little “bridge” going across to the other pole and we are waiting to see what the beanstalk’s next move will be.


Second Daughter is eagerly waiting for her crop of beans, but Sexy Hubby and I are just happy observing the giant beanstalk!

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