Readers of my Who Is Funky Wellies? page know that I love Italian cars. I am especially fond of our funky Fiat 500 convertible, and therefore Second Daughter thought it would be a great idea to buy me one in chocolate as a Christmas present. She bought it at a Christmas market, it was handmade dark chocolate and being nice, I shared!

Before we ate my present, I thought I would take a photo as a souvenir. The first picture was taken without a flash and this was the result:


 I decided to take a second one with the flash and this came out: TheGhostCar_2

A real “ghost car”! The ghostly factor did not stop it from tasting scrumptious, though… 😉





4 thoughts on “The Ghost Car”

  1. Looks like chocolate which has gone off! I’m sure you ate every little bit just to be sure it was ok 😉

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