Sexy Hubby is a keen cyclist. A VERY keen cyclist. In fact, before the hiatus caused by our long distance relationship for a year then the upheaval of our respective moves and his new job taking him away from home far too much, he used to clock up an impressive amount of kilometres every season. He is now back on track, though, which really pleases me, as I know how important this is for him.

Sexy Hubby proudly guarding our bikes

As for me, when I arrived in Germany I brought with me my faithful Cilo city bike, my companion since the age of… thirteen. To be honest I was going to leave it behind in Switzerland but Sexy Hubby pleaded with me, convincing me in the end that I could not do this to “such a beautiful bike as they do not make them like this anymore” (he is right, the company filed for bankruptcy in 2002). My Cilo was therefore the last item to be put into the removal truck and made its way to my new country, but clearly I needed a decent bike now that it would no longer require having a small person sitting in a seat behind my back. Sexy Hubby surprised me and bought me a wonderful mountain bike, which I love.

The lovely ferry crossing

Since then I have been on solo and family bike rides but not really on couple ones – except to go to a local bar or restaurant! – as in my mind it was clearly established this was his sport and therefore he should do it his way. However he did manage to change my mind, saying it would be fun to go together and on Easter Day off we went. The weather was gorgeous and we were heading to one of my favourite town, having decided to stop for lunch there. Sexy Hubby had mapped our adventure to include a short ferry ride and I really enjoyed it (it does not take much to please me, does it?). Once we arrived at our destination we realised of course how busy restaurants were but we had luck and found a table on a terrace by the river. I was feeling great after these first twenty kilometres or so and having enjoyed our food and drinks, we set off again.

Welcome drinks...

We wanted to stop at one of our favourite places for another drink on our way back and by the time we got there, ten kilometres on, my legs had started to hurt… It had to be said at this point that I am reasonably fit but this bike ride was the first serious one I had had since stopping for the winter, as having been out twice with the kids does not really count as training. After this second stop I knew it would be another eleven kilometres to make it home. In total, over forty kilometres, not much really, but too much for my then level of fitness. For the last five last kilometres or so my legs started to be really painful… and I lost it. Yes, I started raving and ranting at being out of shape, at how embarrassing this was, you name it I said it. Of course Sexy Hubby took my outburst highly personally and maintains to this day that I was shouting at him. I was not. I was just angry with myself and letting it out. We ended up going home separately, which really was ridiculous, especially as ninety percent of the day had been so delightful.

Yours truly wearing her attractive cycling attire!

To the concerned reader, yes, we did sort it out later on that evening and yes, we still go on bike rides together. Only now, after having my pride hurt in that way, I have been seriously training and forty kilometres is not a problem anymore. I am still not as fast as I would like to be, but I have been promised a pair of the proper cycling shoes, which should help. Perhaps I should set myself speed/distance goals for this season? Now here is an idea that I like!