As in Arizona Ice Tea! I have just added a new bottle to the collection on my kitchen shelf, the checked one behind the little angel candle holder:

Not only do Arizona drinks taste great, but their bottles are simply gorgeous too. I enjoy seeing their colourful presence above the fridge as I enter the kitchen.

Here is my bit of everyday for you, do you find it cheerful too?



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18 thoughts on “The Everyday – Arizona”

    1. Glad you like them. I cannot decide which one is my favourite, hence buying them all! 😉

    1. Here in Germany you find them more in cafés and bars. Good job I have big handbags!! 😉 xx

    1. Indeed! 🙂 I have other colourful deco pieces on that shelf, but these are the ones you notice the most. Thanks for commenting.

  1. I love the Bottle Green bottles and started a collection of those until someone thought they were for recycling 😕 And a friend of mine has started a collection of unusual smirnoff bottles. I’ve helped her with the contents 😀

    1. I have just looked them up as we do not have them in Germany. They are lovely too, shame about that recycling! 🙁 And how nice of you to help out your friend!! 😉

    1. Happy you think so! 🙂 There are still two pieces missing to my collection… xx

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