We felt we had stepped straight into that movie when we woke up one morning a few years ago. I was still living in Switzerland, and our house had been built right next to a huge field. Gorgeous views over sunflowers, wheat or corn, depending on what was being grown that year, all the way to a lonely farm and with a forest on the right. However, this meant that there was nothing to protect us from the wind, which can be quite strong at times.

It had been snowing the whole night, fresh, lightweight flakes, when the wind started to blow ferociously. The snow did not stand a chance and started being pushed around. By the time we got up, we were blocked in! My then-husband and our neighbour courageously went out in the freezing temperatures with shovels and started working on the massive pile of snow that was cutting off our road. After about ten minutes, they shook their heads at each other and came back inside. The small amount they had managed to clear had been quickly thrown back at them.

It was total chaos on all the roads, not only ours, and we Swiss are usually pretty good at handling harsh winter conditions (except for that very first snowfall of the year, when half the drivers still have summer tyres on and therefore create havoc!). I also remember that another neighbour had to take her daughter to hospital for an eye operation that morning and could not get her car out either. She had to borrow a vehicle from one of the two houses at the top of the road, which were the only ones not affected.

In the end we called a company to come and clear our access road so we could get all the cars out. We knew full well we would have to call them again once the wind had subsided, but we could hardly put our lives on hold for three days. Having a morning off was nice, though!

With winter around the corner, I hope you enjoyed my snow story! Did anything similar happen to you?



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7 thoughts on “The Day After Tomorrow”

  1. That much snow would be my idea of heaven and my husband’s idea of hell! We had a bad winter about 20 years ago and the snow knocked out everyone’s power for nearly a week. I remember the shop ran out of candles and a couple of nights the only light we had was from the coal fire.
    Not having a tv for so long was horrible for a 12 year old girl! My dad finally gave in to our pleading and got a tv to work using a car battery and the same day they got the power back on!
    I’m looking forward to the snow and hope we get lots before Christmas but shhh….don’t tell my husband I said that!

    1. I had to laugh at your comment… I have to say I am with your husband!! 😉 I am also impressed with your Dad’s skills. You must have done quite a bit of pleading!! Thanks for commenting. xx

  2. The part of your post which interests me in particular is the bit about tyres. Not having a system of putting winter tyres on is why we Brits struggle so much when the bad weather comes. We wonder why other countries deal with snow better when it seems there is a solution staring at us in the face!

    1. I have to say not having summer/winter tyres is difficult to comprehend for us… You obviously still have to be careful driving, but it does make a difference. Perhaps you should start a “Winter Tyres For All” campaign?! 😉

  3. Oh please ! It’s too early to talk about “snow” ! Let me dream with autumn colors !!! Even if, we’ve started to think to change our tyres…

    Winter is coming… (c) Ned Stark.

    1. 😉 Both our cars are already fitted with them… Better safe than sorry, but you are right, for the moment let’s just enjoy these beautiful reds, oranges and yellows instead!

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