We have already established that Second Daughter is also known as The Walking Stomach. But I am seriously thinking of giving her another nickname: The Bottomless Question Pit.

As soon as she wakes up, it starts. Since you can call me many things but a morning person, this can be quite challenging! All through breakfast, getting ready and on the way to school, she is wondering about a million and one things. When she gets back from school, the bottomless question pit opens up again and the lid only slides back into place when her lovely blue eyes delicately close to take her to the land of dreams.

A few examples that I can share with you:

  • How do mermaids manage to have babies?
  • Why do birds make such small poops?
  • Is the sun a ball made of real fire?
  • How can Father Christmas come to our home when we do not have a fireplace?
  • Do you think that in the whole world there is another child who was born on the exact same date and time as me?
  • I would like your opinion, Mummy! When I grow up, should I be a James Bond girl or a pastry chef? Or perhaps both?

She sometimes leaves me speechless and I have to resort to Internet searching for the answer. At other times, I ad lib! There are two things I do hope for though: That she will never give up on being so fascinated about the universe surrounding her and also keep her magical inner world.


0 thoughts on “The Bottomless Question Pit…”

  1. She should be a James Body girl who happens to be a pastry chef, that is so cute she asked you that! Kids can ask the smartest questions that you never think of.