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New Job | New Mac | New Book

It started with the dreaded “beep, beep, beep” on booting up my computer. Not every time, but enough to let me know that there was a serious problem. Then came the “black screens”, randomly at first, then more and more frequent. All this on top of the slowness, despite removing my 50’000 odd photos, tidying up, updating, upgrading, etc. Finally, after 8 years, my faithful iMac gave up. Not at the most convenient time, of course. It never is. I was still waiting to hear back for the freelance opportunity I mentioned in my It has been a long time post and I could have done without spending the money.

However, it had to happen and after much head scratching and comparing, I went for a Mac Mini and an ASUS screen. I am very happy with this combination and would like to thank Sexy Hubby for setting it all up for me!

Meanwhile, things went ahead with the freelance contract and the work will start in March. I am really looking forward to this and enjoyed the good news. Especially after wasting my time by replying to an ad posted by a company selling luxury gifts looking for a blogger to write posts. After an email exchange mainly asking for my ideas, I was offered an unspecified trial period with compensated posts in the future. Needless to say, that went no further.

No more news so far on the book front after a string of rejections in January. Patience is the key. After the slight delay caused by the Mac story, I have finally booked some time this week to start with my second novel. Quite excited about it.

What are your latest news?
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It Has Been A Long Time

When I wrote my post about the KISS concert in Hamburg last June, I knew that I was about to go on a “blogging pause”. However, I never imagined that the said pause would last seven months!

So what happened? We sold our flat, bought an old house and renovated it. It sounds pretty straightforward, but it became my full time job for the next five months and then I needed a bit of time to recover from the stress of renovating and moving… I will tell more about the actual work – so many stories I could easily write another book! – but for now, let’s just say I am really glad my “worksite boss” job is over and that I can resume with my various projects.

First of all, I am sending Foundation, my first novel and the opening book of The Crossing Lives Trilogy, to the next batch of literary agents for consideration. I never did hear back from the one who requested the full manuscript last year and received only rejections from other agents. I still remain positive and hope that this new year will bring good news!

I am also impatient to begin with Book Two – Resilience. The opening scene has been playing in my mind for a little while now and I cannot wait to get writing.

The next project is setting up a new website dedicated more specifically to my photography and my writing. I have the name, the layout and lots of photos waiting to be published, now I just have to find a minute to actually do it…

Finally, the end of January should see the start of a great new freelance opportunity. I am quite excited but would rather wait until everything is confirmed before saying more about it.

As for Funky Wellies Random Thoughts, I will still keep it going, but with a couple of posts a week only, as the other projects now take priority.

It is nice to be back, though, and I will leave you with a few photos taken on walks with Cute Doggy. I am sure you can see why I fell in love with the area we now live in…
PS: responding to comments takes a lot of time, and not many readers come back to look at the replies… I will therefore stop replying from now on, but will catch up with you on social media to thank you, as you taking the time to comment means a lot to me! 🙂
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Writing Bubble


The 20 Most Beautiful Villas In Italy |
Published In Print

It is a fantastic feeling to discover the words you have written in a book. An actual book. No, I am not talking about Foundation, my first novel. I am still waiting to hear back from the agent I sent the complete manuscript to in March. But I can now add “print” instead of just “online” to my writing portfolio.

I have been working with Casa in Italia for a few years now. Casa in Italia is a company with a fabulous selection of holiday properties to rent – you guessed it – in Italy. Amongst other mandates, I have written various posts for the blog on their website. Italy is part of my roots and I love the country, so the inspiration comes easily to describe regions nestled inland or near the sea, some jaw-dropping houses or the numerous facets of Italian culture.
The twenty most beautiful villas in Italy - Casa in Italia
Casa in Italia recently had the lovely idea to gather twenty of these magical properties under one roof and so “The 20 most beautiful villas in Italy” was born. Casa in Italia asked me to work on the introduction and when I received my copy, I was delighted to find out that all the other texts in the book had been written by me as well. A few of them can be found on my “Around The World” page. As for the photography, I would dare you not to start day-dreaming…

Hopefully the next time I see my stories in a book it will be my novel. 🙂
The 20 most beautiful villas in Italy - Casa in Italia

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The Crossing Lives Trilogy |
Book One – Foundation |

My first novel, Foundation, contains two distinct stories and in late spring last year, I realised one of them simply was not working. In my opinion, the tale of Kathleen and Lorenz was much weaker than the one of Keira and Liam. My impression was confirmed by some beta readers and literary agents so I decided to re-write Kathleen and Lorenz’s adventures. Some aspects that did work I kept, but basically I started from scratch again. I am so pleased I did. I am now equally satisfied with both stories and received a fantastic feedback, as well as some useful suggestions, from the person who kindly proofread my manuscript. Lesley, thank you so very much for doing this, it was greatly appreciated!

TheCrossingLivesTrilogyBookOneFoundationComplete_1The lovely notebook I received from a friend. I use it for book ideas and character development.

Two elements helped me finish this first novel. First, I set myself a non-negotiable deadline, just as if someone else had set it for me. The writing had to be finished by the end of January and the editing by the end of February. I managed to keep both deadlines, looking a bit dishevelled and obsessed on January 31st! After printing off Foundation and reading it through again, I still found some little things that needed to be corrected or improved. Last week I put the final touches to my book and sent it off to a literary agent in London, whom I had met at the Frankfurt Book Fair last October. She had read the first four chapters already and requested the full manuscript.

MacBook Air and XQUISIT Bluetooth speakerMy MacBook Air and XQUISIT Bluetooth speaker

The second element was Sexy Hubby making an executive decision mid-December: he went out and bought me a MacBook Air. It may sound silly, but it changed everything. I love my office and my iMac, but to be able to go out and write in a café, or simply in another room in our home, really did help with the inspiration. The cute XQISIT Bluetooth speaker that he purchased too was also a brilliant idea and made listening to my favourite foreign radio stations on my phone a lot more fun! Many loving thanks to Sexy Hubby for these awesome gifts and his constant support.

The Crossing Lives Trilogy - Book One - Foundation - Final WordcountThe final word count

While I am waiting to hear back from London, I am taking March “off”. I am looking forward to catching up with my blog and a million other things that were just put aside while I was completing Foundation. And in April, after a ten-day break in the South of France, I will be starting with Book Two – Resilience


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