Momentum |

The beginning of a new year… a time for reflection. And the question you hear everywhere: what are your New Year’s resolutions? I have one: I want to create momentum. Because I feel that my life has been far too stationary the last few years. Of course, things happened. Joyful moments. Hardships (quite a few…

Bird house

Buying And Renovating A House |
Part II

As explained in Buying And Renovating A House | Part I, we were on a very tight schedule to complete the renovation of our new home. General Builder had given us an estimate of two to three weeks work, so with double that time we thought we would still be OK when coming across the…

New bathroom - Free standing bath

Buying And Renovating A House |
Part I

I am a strong believer in “when something is meant to be, it just happens”. Take our new home. We were doing most of our research on the Internet and Sexy Hubby spotted a house he thought was pretty. We viewed it on a Saturday, liked it but there were several question marks. Walking out,…

Sunlight in the forest

It Has Been A Long Time

When I wrote my post about the KISS concert in Hamburg last June, I knew that I was about to go on a “blogging pause”. However, I never imagined that the said pause would last seven months! So what happened? We sold our flat, bought an old house and renovated it. It sounds pretty straightforward,…