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French Holiday Souvenirs |
Gorgeous Earrings

Our latest France trip ended almost a week ago now and I am still in French mode. A little bit. Why? Because I am wearing one of the two pairs of earrings I bought in my favourite small jewellery shop in Gruissan.

During our last summer holidays there, I came home with these finds. This time, apart from our customary supplies of the eating and drinking categories, I decided to treat myself to these very pretty earrings.
Gorgeous French Earrings with green stones
Pretty Heart-Shaped French Earrings with Amore Inscription
Do you like them too? Which ones are your favourites?

Super Busy Mum



Up Close And Personal |
Space Invaders

If you are in my age range, there is a good chance you will remember the first video games. Pong anyone? Or Pac-Man? And of course, Space Invaders… We were talking about all these games not long ago and it obviously gave Second Daughter ideas.

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day in Germany. We have an open-space kitchen, dining area and lounge and I was banned from the whole place until everything was ready. Once called in, I discovered a pretty table, a yummy breakfast and a heart-shaped box with You Invaded My Heart on the cover.

I opened it and found these delicious, handmade Space Invaders chocolates:
Space Invaders Handmade Chocolates
How cool is that?