Scorpions Return To Forever Album Review

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Return To Forever

In 2010 we caught the Scorpions in Berlin on their Farewell Tour, thinking it would be great to see them live one last time. When they released their MTV Unplugged album, we were there for their Cologne show too. Fast forward another year and not only are they back with Return To Forever, but the…

Revolution Saints Album Review Self-titled album

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Revolution Saints

For today’s review, I am excited to be talking about a new band, Revolution Saints, and their self-titled debut album. Well, when I say new band, its members are hardly inexperienced musicians. Lead singer is Deen Castronovo, Journey drummer. Doug Aldrich (Whitesnake and Dio) is the guitarist. Jack Blades, bassist of Night Ranger, completes the…

War of Kings Europe Album Review

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War Of Kings

War of Kings is Europe’s tenth studio album and their fourth since reuniting in 2003. The band has since been keeping the rhythm of a new album every three years, starting with Start from the Dark (2003), followed by Secret Society (2006), Last Look at Eden (2009) and Bag of Bones (2012), which I reviewed…