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King King |
Reaching For The Light Tour 2017 |
Musiktheater Rex

Last Friday we caught up with King King during the German leg of their Reaching for the Light Tour 2017. This was our second evening with this multi-award rock blues Scottish band and, just like the first time, we had a blast.

As Alan Nimmo, lead singer and guitar, may have mentioned once or twice, King King has a live album out. Just like all of their opuses, we totally recommend. We will be listening to it while waiting to see them on stage again.

During our chat after the concert, Alan said he had spotted me taking photos. Not surprising, really, as back home I found out there were 380 pictures on my camera… A selection can be viewed on Of Lens And Pen and you can learn all about King King on their official website.
King King - Reaching for the Light Tour - Alan NimmoKing King - Live Album Deluxe Edition

Full photo gallery on Of Lens And Pen


Music Review |
Jericho Summer |
Night Train

Each summer, I am looking for the perfect album to listen to while driving around in my Fiat 500 convertible. I have just found this year’s winner: Night Train, the debut album of Southern country rock band Jericho Summer.

Jericho Summer is husband and wife team Jay Zeffin and Vanessa Joy. They were both working in the music business when they met in 1997 and I encourage you to read their interesting bio on the official website! Their current adventure started back in 2012, when Jay contacted his old producer with new material as well as songs produced over the years. The pair then managed to get on board musicians such as bass player Marco Mendoza (currently touring with The Dead Daisies), Richard Fortus from Guns N’ Roses and Double Grammy Winner Albert Lee.

I am always interested to hear the story behind the song and asked Vanessa and Jay for some anecdotes to share with my readers. For example, Bitchin With A Woman has a double meaning; it is about not arguing but also about both parties thinking they are right. No Regrets is very personal, with Jay reminiscing about his shared life with his wife and still being together despite all the tough times. Finally, Lonely Town is about when the couple met in the UK, getting married and leaving behind the small town Vanessa was from. Lonely Town reminds me of country rock band Blackberry Smoke and is my personal favourite.

The album is a well-balanced mix of rock numbers and ballads. It contains eleven songs and when Jericho Summer said there would be no “filler tracks”, they meant it. Two videos will support the promotion of the album, Bitchin With A Woman in August and Running Free in November. A great deal of care also went into the unusual and atmospheric album cover, and one cannot help wonder how far that train is going to take Vanessa and Jay.

Night Train is the album country enthusiasts will love and rock fans will go for. The release date is August 12th and it can be pre-ordered on iTunes and Amazon.
Music Review - Jericho Summer - Night Train - Southern Country Rock
Music Review - Jericho Summer - Night Train - Southern Country Rock - Jay Zeffin
Music Review - Jericho Summer - Night Train - Southern Country Rock - Vanessa Joy
Music Review - Jericho Summer - Night Train - Southern Country Rock - Jay Zeffin and Vanessa Joy

Jay Zeffin – Rhythm guitar, Writer, Composer, Producer, Lead & Harmony Vocals
Vanessa Joy – Lead vocals, Harmony Vocals, Writer, & Vocal Arrangements
Richard Fortus – Lead Guitar
Albert Lee – Lead Guitar
Marco Mendoza – Bass Guitar
Rodders Godders – Rythm Guitar
Brett Morgan – Drums
Tom Tyson – Bass Guitar, Producer
John Marcangelo – Drums and Piano
Stuart Duncan – Fiddle
Alan Hawkshaw – Pianist
Guy Lancaster – Hammond Organ
Pete Mahyer – Sound Engineer / Mastering Enginner

Night Train
100 Times Again
Bitchin With A Woman
Does It Matter
Lonely Town
Good One Comin On
Red Neck Cousin
No Regrets
Coming Home
Live For The Moment
Running Free


Musikmesse Frankfurt

On Saturday April 9th, we visited the Musikmesse in Frankfurt. Sexy Hubby was excited at the idea of being surrounded by guitars and trying them. I was impatient to take some cool photos. And both of us were looking forward to catching up with The Dead Daisies, after attending their acoustic gig at the Hard Rock Café and seeing them open for KISS in Hamburg last year.

As we arrived, Sexy Hubby headed straight for the Yamaha stand and as you can see below, he spent some time trying the different models of their new Revstar range. I am not sure he has quite decided which one to get yet…

Sexy Hubby then inspected lots of effect pedals and amps in the biggest exhibition hall, where the drums were located too. Even though the level of decibels is of courses restricted, we came to the conclusion that employees on stand duty there the whole day must be pretty exhausted at the end of the day! The ambiance was great, though, with lots of people trying instruments, sometimes spontaneously playing together.

Around 12:30 we made our way to the Center Stage, where The Dead Daisies were scheduled to play. We arrived just at the right time, the band performing before them had just finished their set, people were leaving and we managed to secure a front row spot. We had a blast listening to The Dead Daisies and discovering Long Way To Go, the first title of their new album. Make Some Noise will be released on August 5th and the band has just announced some tour dates too. All info can be found on their official website. Of course being right at the front made it easier for me to take photos, but it was frustrating all the same not to have front stage access! The full gallery is available on my photography and writing website, Of Lens And Pen, and I would love to hear what you think.

We then only had another hour or so before having to head home, as we had a party planned that evening. It was enough time to come across Thor and a rather unusual hammer… As First Daughter plays the violin and the piano, I had a look at electric violins for her too. Next year we will no doubt spend longer at the Musikmesse!
Musikmesse Frankfurt - Motorbike and Revstar GuitarMusikmesse Frankfurt - Yamaha Revstar GuitarMusikmesse Frankfurt - Guitar Pedal ComponentsMusikmesse Frankfurt - Guitar AmpMusikmesse Frankfurt - ImpressionMusikmesse Frankfurt - Electric ViolinsMusikmesse Frankfurt - Motoerhead DrumsMusikmesse Frankfurt - Band PlayingMusikmesse Frankfurt - The Dead Daisies - Marco MendozaMusikmesse Frankfurt - The Dead Daisies - John CorabiMusikmesse Frankfurt - The Dead Daisies - Doug AldrichMusikmesse Frankfurt - The Dead Daisies - Marco Mendoza and Brian TichyMusikmesse Frankfurt - The Dead Daisies - David LowyMusikmesse Frankfurt - The Dead Daisies - Crowd Shot

Photo courtesy of The Dead Daisies

Full Gallery on Of Lens And Pen


40th Anniversary Tour |
O2 World Hamburg |
2nd June 2015

Hard to believe, I know, but a KISS concert was a first for both Sexy Hubby and I… We were therefore quite curious to see if the band, on their 40th anniversary tour, would live up to its reputation for spectacular shows.

We had bought VIP tickets and arrived about two hours before the concert, as catering was included. Just like with the Scorpions in Berlin in 2010, O2 World did not disappoint. The food was lovely, with plenty to choose from, the wines very good and the service friendly and faultless. The same could sadly not be said about our Bon Jovi Diamond Circle VIP Experience in 2013 in Cologne!

The Dead Daisies opened the festivities at 19:45. We had enjoyed their acoustic set at the Hard Rock Café the day before and it was great to see them live again. They played until 20:30, which we thought was not nearly long enough. Afterwards the band met with their fans and I got their new CD, Revoluciòn, and a poster signed.

It was then time for KISS to hit the stage. Wow is all I can say. The show was very spectacular indeed, with not a moment of dullness. There was always some dazzling special effect happening, members of the band performing on elevated platforms, fire blazing and yes, Gene Simmons still vomits blood!

A fabulous evening and more awesome memories to add to the collection Sexy Hubby and I are building together.
KISS | 40th Anniversary Tour | O2 World Hamburg KISS | 40th Anniversary Tour | O2 World Hamburg KISS | 40th Anniversary Tour | O2 World Hamburg KISS | 40th Anniversary Tour | O2 World Hamburg KISS | 40th Anniversary Tour | O2 World Hamburg KISS | 40th Anniversary Tour | O2 World Hamburg KISS | 40th Anniversary Tour | O2 World Hamburg KISS | 40th Anniversary Tour | O2 World Hamburg

• Good Times Bad Times (Led Zeppelin cover)
• Detroit Rock City
• Deuce
• Psycho Circus
• Creatures of the Night
• I Love It Loud
• War Machine
• Do you Love Me
• Hell of Hallelujah
• Calling Dr. Love
• Lick It Up
• Bass Solo
• God of Thunder
• Parasite
• Love Gun
• Black Diamond

• Shout It Out Loud
• I Was Made for Lovin’ You
• Rock and Roll All Nite
• God Gave Rock’n’Roll to You