Painted Easter Eggs

The Perfect Weekend

Friday night, Sexy Hubby, Second Daughter, Cute Doggy and I headed to one of our local restaurants for a family dinner. I was having a bit of an off day, to be honest. Annoying little things such as iPhone syncing problems – still not resolved! -and builders keeping you waiting, on top of feeling like…

Tour Barberousse Gruissan South of France

Ten Things To Do In The South Of France

We came home last Saturday from a ten-day trip to the South of France. Or, as we like to call Gruissan, our little corner of paradise. After spending Christmas there, Easter was a first for us too. I have been to Gruissan with my Mum and the girls in the autumn as well and each…

Plage des Chalets - Gruissan - 37°2 Le Matin - Betty Blue

Summer |
Douceur De Vivre In France

It looks like summer is over… As I sit in my study typing this post, fat raindrops are crashing against the window and it feels as though the cold is seeping in. So much so that I have wrapped my cream-coloured pashmina around my neck. Luckily, the memories of our fortnight in that little corner…

Close-up - Hydrangea blossoming

Magic In The Forest

The car goes up and up the mountain. Time to slow right down again, as another incredibly sharp bend comes into view. Second Daughter and I exchange a glance: The reason I keep dropping the speed to that level is Cute Doggy in his travel box on the back seat. He is much better than…

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