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It Has Been A Long Time

When I wrote my post about the KISS concert in Hamburg last June, I knew that I was about to go on a “blogging pause”. However, I never imagined that the said pause would last seven months!

So what happened? We sold our flat, bought an old house and renovated it. It sounds pretty straightforward, but it became my full time job for the next five months and then I needed a bit of time to recover from the stress of renovating and moving… I will tell more about the actual work – so many stories I could easily write another book! – but for now, let’s just say I am really glad my “worksite boss” job is over and that I can resume with my various projects.

First of all, I am sending Foundation, my first novel and the opening book of The Crossing Lives Trilogy, to the next batch of literary agents for consideration. I never did hear back from the one who requested the full manuscript last year and received only rejections from other agents. I still remain positive and hope that this new year will bring good news!

I am also impatient to begin with Book Two – Resilience. The opening scene has been playing in my mind for a little while now and I cannot wait to get writing.

The next project is setting up a new website dedicated more specifically to my photography and my writing. I have the name, the layout and lots of photos waiting to be published, now I just have to find a minute to actually do it…

Finally, the end of January should see the start of a great new freelance opportunity. I am quite excited but would rather wait until everything is confirmed before saying more about it.

As for Funky Wellies Random Thoughts, I will still keep it going, but with a couple of posts a week only, as the other projects now take priority.

It is nice to be back, though, and I will leave you with a few photos taken on walks with Cute Doggy. I am sure you can see why I fell in love with the area we now live in…
PS: responding to comments takes a lot of time, and not many readers come back to look at the replies… I will therefore stop replying from now on, but will catch up with you on social media to thank you, as you taking the time to comment means a lot to me! 🙂
Convent ruins in the sunBench with grass and treesMansion park with majestic treesPond detail in the sunTree reflection in a pondSunlight in the forest

Writing Bubble


Photography | Manual Mode

I love photography and have been told many times that I have an eye for details. Thanks to Sexy Hubby and part of my family, I now have the proper tool to take the plunge and learn more about this art. To finally move from the comfort zone of “full auto” to the much more exciting world of “manual” has been set as one of my challenges for 2014.

Here are the very first photos I spontaneously took in manual mode completely on my own after being given a crash course on basics and my new camera by a lovely friend. I am quite pleased with this first attempt but cannot wait to get better.

What is your opinion on these first pictures?
Photography in Manual Mode 1
Photography in Manual Mode 2

The Art Of Aiming Right

Taking a photo of us with my camera or my iPhone is something I do almost every time Sexy Hubby and I are having a night out or enjoying a holiday. Sexy Hubby is incredibly patient and humours me at every occasion, even if it takes several attempts (OK, by photo number six or seven he may start to get slightly restless…).

It is not easy, aiming right so that both our faces are actually recognisable. And not blurred. And not making us look like rabbits caught in headlights. And with both us looking half-decent.

Self-Portrait Photography

I am especially proud of this one. It was taken four years ago at a close friend’s birthday party. I am not one hundred percent sure anymore, but I think that I got it right the first time. A happy memory from a fabulous party.

Do you share the same habit?







More Therapy

Not long ago, I was writing about my phobia of frogs and toads and my method for trying to overcome it. That is how you met Wilhelm der Erste.

A friend of mine read the post and sent me the following pictures:

MoreTherapy_1 MoreTherapy_2

“A bit more therapy for you”, were his words. And I have to admit that I find these two Zen characters eminently likeable.

Would you say that I am definitely on the way to recovery?