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Ten Things To Do In The South Of France

We came home last Saturday from a ten-day trip to the South of France. Or, as we like to call Gruissan, our little corner of paradise. After spending Christmas there, Easter was a first for us too. I have been to Gruissan with my Mum and the girls in the autumn as well and each season has its own particular charm. I thought I would put together for you the ten things we enjoyed the most during this holiday.

1. Take advantage of the numerous little cafés
Pains au chocolat and croissants for breakfast on market day. A rosé pamplemousse when it is apéritif time. A sinfully good crêpe mid-afternoon. Simply sitting there, relishing the sun on your face and watching the hustle and bustle of village life.
Café Terrace Vieux-Gruissan South of France
2. Admire the gorgeous reflections in the water
With the sea and many lagoons, there are a plethora of possibilities to come across a postcard perfect sight. I love the mirror image of the old, derelict Tour Barberousse in this picture and how the water sparkles.
Tour Barberousse Gruissan South of France
3. Discover new wines
Yes, even the ones with rather unusual names! This rosé was recommended to me and it did not disappoint. You can find out more about it here (if you can understand French!). We brought some home and I will keep an empty bottle for decoration, as I love this label.
Vin de Merde Wine Languedoc-Roussillon
4. Explore, explore, explore
We have by now spent a fair amount of time in the Languedoc-Roussillon region and every time we discover something new. A promise of adventure emanates from half hidden paths and stairs, just irresistible…
Stairs Notre Dame des Auzils Gruissan South of France
5. Vibrant markets
The market in Gruissan takes place three times a week, located on the main square only in the winter and taking over several streets in the summer. Every time, we buy a few jars of fragrant honey and perfumed olive oils to take back home with us. One of my summer rituals is also to buy cheap sunglasses to wear on the beach! But my favourite stall is where the spices are on display. I have to refrain from buying a little bag of each, mesmerized by the colours and smells…
Market Day Gruissan South of France
6. Dream
That one day, you will also be the owner of a flat, a house or just a shack similar to this one, with THAT view…
Fisherman's Shack Gruissan South of France
7. The maritime history of the region
This picture was taken in Notre Dame des Auzils, a chapel built almost at the top of a mountain where sailors and fishermen come to pray for protection. I have already written about the legend attached to Notre Dame des Auzils and its location. The walk up to the church is not too demanding and the place well worth a visit.
Ship Model Notre Dame des AuzilsGruissan South of France
8. Culinary delights
If you like fish, you will be in heaven. During our stay, my Mum cooked some very fresh scallops and obviously the taste did not compare to frozen ones. Oysters, mussels, sea bream… There is so much to choose from, including “couteaux flambés au whiskey”. According to Sexy Hubby, the meat dishes are equally mouth-watering. The cheese selection is of course unbelievable; personally, I am very keen on the numerous goat versions. We came home with some “vieux Comté” and a “saucisson sec aux girolles” from the market.
The Saltern of Saint Martin's Island Restaurant Menu Gruissan South of France
9. Art exhibitions
This time, we sadly did not make it to Carcassonne and to our friend Zanda’s studio. We went back to the Saltern of Saint-Martin’s Island, but the art gallery, Les Arts Salés, was still closed. We missed the opening by a few days only. Local artists can also be found in the Vieux-Gruissan.
The Saltern of Saint Martin's Island Les Arts Salés Art Gallery Gruissan South of France
10. Dog walks
If you have a dog like us, the walks on the beach or by the lagoon are an absolute delight. We love looking at Cute Doggy, ears in the wind, bouncing around, obviously very happy. As always he has been a bit subdued since we came back, I swear he misses his frolicking in the sand or observing life from HIS sun chair on the balcony. Well, we miss that too…
Dog walk lagoon Gruissan South of France




Lou Messugo


Reflections At The Lagoon

After Reflections In Narbonne, I thought it would be an interesting idea to do a post about one of the beautiful Gruissan lagoons.

Sexy Hubby, Cute Doggy and I were having yet another brilliant beach walk when we decided to go home via the lagoon. It was late afternoon and by the time we got there we realised it would not be long until the sun went down. A shared sunset experience being quite romantic, we decided to wait.

I am really glad we did. The golden light transformed the lagoon into a magical spot, where colours changed from one minute to the next. Different shades of yellow, orange and pink mingled with the blue of the sky and of the lagoon. And the mirror image of the sun and the landscape into the completely calm water was simply stunning. We stayed until it became completely dark and then silently made our way back, still under the spell.

Which sunset was the most memorable for you?
Dog Reflection In WaterMountain Reflection in WaterLagoon SunsetSun Setting Over The LagoonWinter Sunset In The South Of FranceSunset Panorama