This is the little present Sexy Hubby received on our return from Nuremberg. I am certain he would have loved a couple of real Bavarian sausages as well, but I was not too sure about buying them on the Saturday and bringing them back on Sunday without a fridge available.
Marzipan Bratwürste - Marzipan Bavarian Sausage
As it turned out, he loved his Marzipan version of mini Bratwürste complete with Sauerkraut and mustard! They lasted a few days to my great surprise, but by the next Sunday afternoon everything was gone…

A nice accompaniment to his Sunday guitar playing session!







29 thoughts on “Sunday Morning
A Sweet Surprise

    1. It looks like people either love or hate marzipan, no middle ground!;)
      In Germany there certainly is a lot of creativity as far as marzipan is concerned… xx

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