Street Photography – Art In Berlin

Berlin is such a brilliant place. Vibrant, atmospheric, unusual, bohemian. Not your typical capital city, which means that you find interesting and funky details on every corner.

I had a hard time choosing which photos would be best for this week’s theme, and in the end settled for street art. So here you go, just a small selection:




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32 thoughts on “Street Photography – Art In Berlin

  1. Jenny Paulin

    I would imagine Berlin is a busy bustling city. The street art is very creative and I particularly like the first photo x

    1. Funky Wellies Post author

      Glad you like it! 🙂 When they are as arty as these, I believe they should be left alone too.

  2. Natalie

    This is real art- in a completely different league to the vile scrawl that dons my town- great shots! x

  3. Kelloggsville

    A number of people have told me Berlin is interesting. Must admit the beauty and cafe is more me though.

  4. Rob (Parent Brain)

    Loving the photos. Berlin is indeed an amazing city. I’ve only ever really seen it by night, but your photos show me stuff of the stuff I missed.

    I like the focus on street art, really enjoyed this.


    1. Funky Wellies Post author

      Thank you for your lovely comment! 🙂 I first went on a business trip many years ago and did not have time to see much. I swore I would go back, it took me a long time but I did, and it will not be the last time. You should go by day again… 😉

  5. Oana79

    I think graffiti is great when it makes the world a bit more colourful. But we hate graffiti at the moment because here in Greece people cover EVERYTHING with it, good and bad…

    1. Funky Wellies Post author

      I agree with you… Sad to read that it is going too far in Greece, but not too surprising? Thanks for stopping by.

    1. Funky Wellies Post author

      Yes, I was impressed too. I find the ones on the remains of the Berlin wall quite poignant. Thanks for commenting.

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