For this Writing Workshop, Josie gave us a challenge as well as a writing prompt. To DO something that would make us feel like a child again, not only WRITE about it.

I considered my options… Read under the duvet with my flashlight until two o’clock in the morning? Dress up as a princess? Or as a nun (ever watched “The Nun’s Story” with Audrey Hepburn)? Paint with my fingers? In the end it was my daughters who gave me the idea when it was decided that we had to bake a very special cake for Sexy Hubby’s little niece birthday. A castle cake and crown biscuits it was going to be.

I had fun already going shopping for the ingredients and spent AGES in the supermarket aisle. I pondered which writing sugar colours to choose, whether to go for the lilac, red or yellow icing, I scrutinized every single decoration, before buying most of them anyway as I was incapable of deciding. I am sure my eyes were shining as much as birthday girl’s did when she saw her cake.

First and Second Daughter wanted to bake everything themselves so I left them to it. BUT I did get to taste a bit of superfluous and still warm turret and it was simply DIVINE. This did take me straight back to my childhood, when you get to lick the mixing bowl and then pinch a biscuit or a few cake crumbs when they have just been removed from the oven.

I could not help but hang around as the decorating was underway and the castle and crowns slowly came to life. I think my girls did a fantastic job and we all felt very excited with the result.

What do you think?


This post was written for Josie’s Writing Workshop.

9 thoughts on “Still Feeling Like A Child”

    1. Thank you! 🙂 I tried but lost the battle, I am afraid… Will try and do better next time!

  1. Nice challenge !!!

    What does feel me like child ? A good “Road Runner” on TV, I think ^^ or a lego box !!! May I precise that I’m waiting for going to see CARS 2 with boys ?

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