We are not talking about Olympic results here. Although I do enjoy cycling a lot – even breaking my arm has not put me off – and I have recently decided to improve my “performances”. I have now set myself some goals, with the help of Sexy Hubby, our resident cycling expert.

Wherever I go on my mountain bike, it will always be hard to beat this:

My two girls, my lovely LA friend and myself are about to set off for a bike ride along the ocean, starting on Venice Beach. HEAVEN.

What is your favourite sport memory?


26 thoughts on “Sport – Does It Get Better Than This?”

  1. I think it would be a hard place to take up sport because of all those hot pant short and bikini wearing girls in their roller blades lol I would feel out of it completely!!
    I am sure it was a brilliant place for taking in the sights as you cycled x

    1. LOL! Loads of incredibly fit people, you are right, but also lots of not so fit people… It was a fantastic moment. xx

  2. That does sound fairly amazing! My best sport memory would be rowing at Women’s Henley – amazing!

  3. Wow, lovely. Are you in Venice Beach at the moment?

    I’m not a great cyclist (it’s quite hard on my soft bits), but the cycle in your second photo looks more like my style x.

    1. Not, unfortunately I am not, I am at home! But going on holiday soon. I am really getting into cycling, with the proper “padded” shorts, it is more comfortable! First Daughter loved that bike. xx

    1. It is a great ride, and you can go on for miles and miles. I like the sound of your Irish bike ride too, despite the rain! 🙂

    1. I would have done too, but Second Daughter was too young for one of those so we settled for that one. 🙂

  4. I´m not the sporty type though one can think that I`m into sports, I guess one of my favorite memories is when I hicked the Uritorco all the way up and when I got to the top I just laid belly up and enjoyed the beautiful view.

    1. From what you describe, I would have said your were the sporty type too! Love your memory, sounds amazing! xx

    1. It was brilliant, enjoyed it so much! 🙂 My LA friend has some fantastic ideas while we were there.

  5. That sounds like a lot of fun! If I lived somewhere hot like LA I’d definitely feel more inclined to keep in shape LOL My favourite memory of sport was cheerleading. I used to go to practise 2 times a week and I really loved it. I don’t think I could do it now.

    1. It was great fun! LA is totally the place to be sporty, not too hot but sunny, by the ocean, we so enjoyed it. Cheerleading? Impressive! Never tried that!

    1. Thanks, the renting place had a great selection! Great idea, the bike rack, enjoy the rides! 🙂

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