I really like it when Tara forces us to stretch our minds a bit and to consider a serious question. This one opens many possibilities and it has not been easy to decide.

In the end, at the risk of sounding arrogant, I have decided to say that I am proud of… myself. I believe women do not say that nearly enough, and yet we have so much to congratulate ourselves about. I read a lot of blogs, and I am amazed at what other women do, get over, deal with, survive. Truly astonishing.

In my case, I am proud of my two girls. Their creativity. Their compassion. Their maturity. The way they force me to question certain negative reactions that have become habits over the years and to work at getting rid of them. The list could go on and on. But I am equally proud of the love and attention I give them, the tools to think outside of the box and the total faith in their abilities.

I am proud of my husband. The way when he says he will work on something that is creating a problem in our relationship, he actually does it. The fact that he is unselfish enough to put the needs of the ones he loves before his own. How concerned he is about my children and what is best for them. And how he does his utmost to make me feel better when times are rough. This is just to name but a few. And I am proud of how I am doing my best to make life easier for him. Making our home a nice and warm place to come back to. How I try to surprise him and make him laugh. On that score, the Playboy chocolate Advent calendar was a hit…

I am not twenty anymore. I have had a reasonably successful career in marketing, but feel much happier now working freelance. I mainly write, which I love, and have time for my family and for myself. I had the courage to change path, and been fortunate enough to be able to do so. I have survived sudden deaths in my family and a divorce. A bit more than two years ago, I moved countries with my children, to be with the man I love and to start afresh. I am still learning a new language and how my adoptive country works, but I am getting better at it every day. Earlier this year, I let my eldest daughter go, as this meant she would be much happier. I do what is necessary to be quite fit and in good health, and I am told that I am the sexiest woman alive (although Sexy Hubby might be a tad biased on that one).

Of course, I am far from perfect and I have my many flaws. But when I look back, the balance definitely tilts to the positive side.




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24 thoughts on “Something I Am Proud Of – Good Question!”

  1. Firstly i really love those photos you have included – although we cant see the faces you can tell how wonderfulThey are and the people featured in them. Secondly your words are well thought out and i can see your pride coming out of them. Its a lovely post x

    1. Thanks so much, Jenny. I have given the credit for the photos where it was due, but the words are mine! 😉

  2. Good on you! And I totally agree that there are so many incredible women, and men and children, who rarely stop to pat themselves on the back and feel really proud of their achievements. I know I’m often one for thinking of how to handle the next task or challenge as soon as one is resolved – rarely taking time to take stock. There’s a lot of people like that and it’s nice to make a point of saying ‘well done to me and my family’ as to make it work – is just that – a lot of work, a lot of love, care and thought… and patience 🙂 x

    And the photos you have chosen are absolutely wonderful!

    1. Thank you, Lucy! I hope I had inspired other women to say that they are proud of themselves, they should! 🙂

  3. I am proud of myself too, and was going to post about it but it was easier to get a picture of the kids, than it was to get a decent one of me!

    1. Thank so much for your comment, it is lovely to hear this. Glad you love the pictures, I have one talented friend! 🙂

  4. Good on you for being proud of yourself. I was moved by the pieces you wrote when you let your Daughter go & I think anyone that knows you personally would be proud of the way you handled it.
    You are a remarkable woman!

  5. Loved this post and so nice to know you’ve not been beaten by life either, looks like you’re getting it right so don’t change anything

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