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Hello and welcome!
Funky Wellies Random Thoughts was born in 2010.
At the beginning, with family and friends spread on almost all continents, it was a mean to keep in touch and share our adventures.
Quite quickly, I decided this was not enough and started to write mostly about my interests: travel, writing, music, art, fashion…
Second Daughter contributed for a while with her fashion designs.
The blog also became a platform to talk about my first novel and get feedback.
Friendships were born and there were blogging conferences in London, invitations to events and some lovely brand collaborations.
Still, I eventually felt I was running out of steam and in August 2017 I announced it was Time For A Change
The next chapter of Funky Wellies Random Thoughts sees First Daughter joining me as a regular contributor.
Our blog posts now focus on current issues that matter to us and, we believe, to many people.
Thank you for stopping by, we appreciate it!
PS: All content on this blog, texts and photos, is copyright protected.
We are happy for you to reproduce some of this content on other websites as long as you ask first and credit our work.
You can email us at funky_wellies at fastmail.fm.

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