The faculty to forget all about the universe around you… Nothing else exists but your inner world, which expands into surroundings that are real only to you…

I love the faculty that children have to do this and I think these two photos summarize this state of grace perfectly. I could have called my daughters many times, I could have shouted at them, I could have waved at them and still they would have been totally oblivious of my efforts to get their attention.

Your eyes are completely focused on that magical world, you are murmuring to yourself, telling a story which is meant for your ears only, your arms and legs, your hands and feet have one purpose only: bringing the fabulous story you have created to life!

Do you remember that feeling? I am pleased to say that I do. In fact, I do still disappear into another dimension at times… And it is such a wonderful sensation!


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8 thoughts on “Simple Pleasures | Engrossed In Play”

  1. Love the post and the photos! And I agree, disappearing into another world, fully immersing yourself in something, anything, is a wonderful and nurturing experience!

    1. Coming from you, my talented friend, this is a great compliment! 🙂 Thank you. And yes, it looks as though we both still have the faculty to go to that other world, which is wonderful.

  2. I guess in adulthood is translated into daydreaming. When I´m having one of those days and I have no choice but to stay where I´m (work for example LOL), I daydream and got lost in my world. I also get lost in my own world when I´m writing or reading or taking pictures. A bomb can explode by my side and I don´t notice it.

  3. thank you for this short reminiscence on living wisdom and moments of enlightening. warm, noble and inspiring. best regards 🙂

  4. Wonderful post Katia and fabulous photos too, totally caught the moment in both instances. You’re so right it’s great when they’re just caught up in that moment. Well done for capturing it and thank you for sharing with #bwphotoproject

    1. Thank you, Charly, love these two photos of my – then much younger! – girls, happy you like them too. xx

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