Souterrain Cinema Koeln

28 thoughts on “Silent Sunday / My Sunday Photo |
11th May 2014

    1. LOL!! Believe it or not, this was a cinema… No idea what the Teddy Bear was doing there! xx

    1. Everybody was too shy to sit in the first rows… 😉
      Joking apart, this was a cinema! xx

    1. Had to take a photo, thought it was really funny. It was the most unusual cinema I have ever been too!!
      Thank you, back in force after a bit of a pause at Easter… 😉 xx

    1. Not a meeting room, a cinema, believe it or not! Thought Teddy was a nice addition, although I am not too sure what his purpose was. xx

  1. Thank you all for your comments!
    Teddy did not utter a word, he was very well behaved as this was… a cinema. xx

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